Saturday, April 17, 2010

hi all.....just uploaded some recent pics of mine....have a look friends!!!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Visit to Kevalya Dham,Kumhari

Woof....after such a hectic life in one of india's most polluted cities ...i got some fresh air with my friends in Kumhari,a small village about 14 km west to Raipur City. when i visited this place...just one word came out of my mouth...WOW!!!! it what the neighbourhood of Raipur? gosh...cant believe that the place is such a relief to my eyes from the polluted and overcrowded roads of india's fastest developing state green and so mystic!....
Kumhari is the place of the famous Jain Pilgrim center known as 'Kevalyadham'.....the temple chain of  Sri Adinath Swethambar Jain Mandir all carved out from looks beautiful in the full moon night the same Taj Mahal appears then....
Me with my friends Ravi and AMT were very excited about visiting so we took the bike and on tripling (saving our lives and money as!  from the traffic police and the heavy trucks that ply on the Nagpur Road) entered the holy pilgrim..... at that time some rituals were going on and the place was very peaceful...a breeze of purity and holiness was and refreshing .....but yeah i loved that are some pics that i have taken..just have a look....:)