Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Demurring the Dalliance...

Yes I was wrong
in my own perspective
Giving it all up for the ante i had created
once for you and now for myself
Wrong in the correct sense
with ephemeral love of yours
Your glamour made me blind
Blind from within and closed out
Fearing the ultimate opulence will spell its cast on me
I hesitated a lot thinking about us
About you i was null
About me i was dead
Miracles do happen i thought
I collected my conscience and ran
Ran away from you and your feelings
The thorns of the poor little love was hurting
Bleeding my heart blue i came back to you

You held me up like a criminal
A filth surrounded my soul
A hatred anguished with dark desires
You became my nemesis my dear little love
Like a Pyrrhic spoilt-brat
I wandered here and there and where not
Lastly lost you to a silly mistake
An unknown identity faked by the truth and decorated with self pride
My heart stopped and i fell down
I saw my own downfall unto you
Like a feather falling apart the bird unknown about its destiny
Flowing with the wind and shifting shapes from within
Black, blue, green, yellow, struggling for mellow
Burning from inside and losing my face
I surrender and seek penance now for the misdeeds
for the promises for the hope for the ultimate sacrifice

I was not the one you dream of
Never been so wrong and would never question again
A new lease of life is a far possibility now
I will die like this forever
Demurring the dalliance i would happy pass away
would never argue would never crave for you
My emotions are all wrought and gone
I will not look back will never come back
to you
will never come back to you.
No and Never.