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The Final Chapter

3:56 pm

Curiosity killed the cat. Every time, when someone starts thinking too much over simple stuff, things get complicated. Krishna was becoming so restless that he could not find any better way to leave early from office only to open the envelope with his privacy and nothing else. He came down to one of his company's old warehouses where he visits occasionally on the way home. The wait was killing him with each passing second.  

3:58 pm

"I should definitely open it now," said Krishna who just entered inside unlocking the door.

As he tore the envelope, he was shocked to find a small pen drive. With enough curiosity, he went inside his office and started the computer. He inserted the Pendrive and waited for the autoplay option.

Just a single click of the mouse button and that brought the ultimate chills down his spine. He could not believe his eyes, he screamed in utter shock, " Oh ****!! what shit is this?? How possible??"

There was this entire video clearly shot from a little distance showing him standing with both arms wide open over the bridge opposite to a car that is speeding towards him. As her car stops, Priya is seen coming out happily embracing the love of her life, the one with whom she has dreamt of spending her entire life; Krishna is now holding her in his arms. Suddenly, he is shown moving a little and there he pushes Priya down the bridge; She falls down the river with a screaming voice and vanishes in seconds. Krishna gets the car moving close to the old broken iron railings and gives an ultimate push to the car off the old bridge meeting the final fate just like her lady love(?). He waits just to confirm that the whole car gets drowned completely along with all the proofs till the last minute. He carefully checks around if anybody has witnessed his crime and leaves the scene walking away hurriedly. Video ends.

Krishna loses control and deletes the video first. After that, he throws away the Pendrive to the floor and tries to crush with his shoes that he forgot to take off. He cries after that, fearing the truth is known by someone. With fear in his eyes, he reaches to his phone and again tries to call Priya's number. 

"Damn it. Whoever you are, I will find you out. Very soon." Disturbed, he throws away his mobile phone onto the sofa. The voice coming out from the phone- 'Please Check the number...'

Suddenly he gets a call from an unknown number.

Hesitatingly he picks up the mobile phone and takes the call.


"Krishna? Why did you do this to me? I trusted you and you did this to me? Why Krishna why?"

Hearing Priya's voice clearly on the mobile phone, Krishna gets freaked out." Priya? Are you there? Is that really you? Where are you Priya? You are thinking wrong Priya...I love you Priya..I ..I..Lo.."

And then comes another voice, "Krishna? Are you all right?"

"Who is this...Sandhya? You? Is that you Sandhya? Speak out that really you?"

 " So I was right. You killed Priya knowingly, knowingly that she was having your baby and you killed her mercilessly dare you do that to her?? How could you Krishna?Why ????

As if Sandhya was crying on the other side and her words shaking as if she is horrified to know the entire truth right now.

"What Bullshit Sandhya, its a conspiracy against me. I didn't kill her. It was an accident. Everyone knows she vanished near the bridge. Maybe she tried committing suicide after knowing she got...., maybe not. Maybe she is still alive. You know what? She is still sending me these envelopes reminding me how much she loves me. She is alive Sandhya, she is alive. Believe me. I have not killed her. She is alive!!!"

"Krishna, those envelopes were sent by me to you. Remember that day when you came to pick me up for the office. I put that green envelope numbered 2 inside your car while entering. You didn't notice it. That morning it was me who sent you that blue envelope with number 1 just to test you whether you remember the heinous crime that you have committed."

"What? No.. it's not true. Say Sandhya... it's not true."

"It is the truth Krishna, that you were lying to me. You knew already that if you marry Priya, then your father and your paternal relations could throw you out of their house, property, shares, and business. Priya, being the daughter of your father's rival in business was not a perfect fit for you, she never was. It was her foolishness that she trusted you. And what you did? You tried to eradicate her and her baby who was yet to see the light in this world. Shame on you Krishna...Chee Chee...I spit on you spineless man."

"Sandhya, don't say such things. I love you Sandhya, I love you, baby, this is all fake, photoshopped, that's not me..the video is doctored. I can prove that."

"Can you prove your love for Priya? No, because you failed her. It was me Krishna, to whom she always used to say so many good things about you. She used to say how good you take care of herself. In your firm, she gave me all the support that I needed with a job. As an assistant to her professionally and as a close friend to her personally, she told me everything about you. She always had this positive thing to share about you. But you cheated on her. You tried to get engaged with me just to please your father, being all aware that Priya is going to give birth to your child and she heavily wanted you to take the lead for the marriage to happen, to talk to your father. She was so happy that day you know? On that Valentine's day, she thought you would confirm the news of marriage to her. She wanted to record everything on her phone being a very special moment. So she gave me her phone before knowing that you could do such a barbaric such shameful thing to her. How could you Krishna? How could you. I have got the proofs with me and soon they will be available with media. You need to confess your crime Krishna, you have to do it."

"Sandhya, I am sorry Sandhya, Please don't do this Sandhya, We are also partners in the company and soon going to tie the knot. Please don't do anything that can create trouble for both of us. Okay? I will tell you everything. But please please don't do this to me. I plead to you. Don't do this to me."

"Sorry Krishna, I guess this is the best birthday gift you can get tonight after taking the life of someone who left everything for you. You lost it Krishna and you will face the worst from now onwards. YOUR GAME IS OVER."

Krishna got tensed, he knew this could mean the end of his career and personal relations with his family. His paternal relations like his uncle, his cousins who are still with the business may soon deny him his share of profits and properties knowing the criminal act and could bar him from the board of directors, partnerships, and all other rights applicable as of now. The news of Priya's homicide by the scion of the elite business group of the Shanmughams may spark controversy in the media and this could very well mark a dent on his personal and professional relations as well. With his mind getting all messed up, Krishna searched for the medicine that he has been taking for the migraine pain. He pops some extra pills and soon lay unconscious on his bed with his eyes closing down all by themselves. 

He could see the haunting face of Priya reappear from the drowning car with a scar on her upper right eyebrow and severely cracked cheekbone moving towards him up the bridge, smiling continuously and getting closer and closer until suddenly her blood-soaked hands grab his long neck taking him down into the waters for the ultimate demise. 

12:47 am in the night. 

Banging on the doors continues, some voices can be heard as well from outside. The doorbell keeps on ringing. On the floor lay the lifeless body of Krishna succumbed to a possible drug overdose with eyes half-closed, his mouth wide open with a bit of foaming that seems natural now. 

His mobile phone was continuously ringing. Rest In Peace.

Who would have thought to celebrate his birthday like that!

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..happy birth-dddd........"

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