Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still in Office? Try This...on Diwali !!!

Diwali came. Almost All Celebrated. Lots of Noise from dusk to dawn. For me this festival is a time people do really come out from their havens to burn crackers, visit neighbors and party harder.
Many of  the working class take a week long holiday to celebrate with family. But a few unlucky like us sit back at our office; do the routine job; hear the sound of crackers; watch the fireworks and do a  face palm(sic). Happy Diwali to all my friends in different companies earning a day for nothing. We expect a treat from our fellow colleagues on the special evening but yes we end up giving treat on that day. Irony.
But those guys stuck in their office who were denied leave and were ordered by the highest authorities to obey the company's rules and obligations will someday rise against the management and finally will open out their hearts and proclaim one day, " How about a Diwali Party?" Guys!! Cheer up its your right, ask your boss for an office party. Nowadays most of the companies are following this urban culture. One more party why not? Or catch the guy whose birthday or anniversary falls on the special day. Demand for cancellation of his leave and rejoice.
Have a very happy and prosperous Diwali . Enjoy ! the week is yours now my boy. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marry me Sweetie..I Just Met you! :)

Let me ask you something...Why People Marry?
Thanks for giving it a thought for now.
Well, for we humans, marriage is a wonderful stage of our lives.
A stage which is set for a new beginning
It materializes our needs and makes us answerable to our responsibilities.
For me marriage is only a success when there is love.
A love which has no boundaries flowing continuously by turning down all the pebbles just to wet the body and quench the soul.
Lets take it simple...
You are happy in love you decide one day to tie the knot and yes you accidentally land into the table called marriage where your in laws are ready to have you in their lunch. Sounds cool? Nope i suppose.
One day you come to know that you are a father of a newly born baby and your proud wife calls everybody up at home and yes you again land into the same table but this time for a brunch. Got it?
So a love marriage is nothing but spending the rest of life with the a very old and familiar person who you love and will be loving more(i suppose) in your entire lifetime by changing your babies diapers to cooking food for your working class wife to cleaning up the clutter inside your beautiful house. Zeus!!

And an arrange marriage is as simple as taking your in-laws for a long honeymoon trip( ya of course your wife is also in that list isn't it?), emptying your pockets for your wife's sister( if yes she is sexy) and last not the least enjoying the bed tea your beautiful soft-spoken yet not so familiar wife prepares (no matter how much it will taste gruesome but ya you will cherish the day in your entire life!! mind it boy).
I am serious this time.
So in my opinion whatever kind of marriage you support please keep in mind that you are a family now. You have to take care of everybody who are now a part of your lives(including not so social neighbors).Period.

PS: The above is written keeping a Man's Perspective. For a woman please read everything in negative sense. Double Period.

This post is written for Thanks for reading. God bless.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Like a Moon Around the Earth

Its quite obvious that what decisions i take 
i take without thinking about the consequences
Many a times i have always thought of getting better and better
and it really did happened.

I do confess
sometimes i have made mistakes and didn't apologize
i have taken some blatant decisions cos of which i repented
but yes the greatest gift i got every time is 

Wherever i went, whenever i needed
I got the right people in my life
Say from misleading adolescence to experiencing maturity
from an easy graduation to a competitive job
every time
i got wonderful peeps and yes
i do feel proud of them
about my past and present relationships and 
an eternal bond with all of them.

Born in Kolkata, Brought up in Nagpur,Shifted to Jabalpur, Graduated from Raipur
First job in Raigarh, Second job in Visakhapatnam, now Transferred to Pune.
I have been to different places, touched cultures and experienced friendship, love and many more.
Every time there was a thrill, 
a fun and an impact that i have gained from and delivered to others.
Being a part of somebody's life is the greatest feeling.
I m enjoying my life to the fullest
What else do i really need?
My Greatest Gift...My Parents
Who are always there with their only child
You know its really sad that you don't have any brother or sister.
But i am blessed with fantastic friends who always make me happy,
take me away from worries and rake me under their umbrella of sugar, spice and adrenaline
Always a strong believer of the Almighty who has shown me the path 
the time when i lost or witnessed a downturn.

I have cried in my nightmares and laughed in my beauties
I still cry in the midnight when i think about someone who once was a part of my life
my throat gets choked and i stop.
I stare through the windows searching for the moon
i get the stars, abundant one
i take the clouds as the blessings in disguise
who pour the rains down on my body every time i spread my arms for a hug
for a kiss to wet the lips and quench my soul

Completed 22 revolutions round the earth like a moon.
A few months and yes one more candle will lit up on my birthday cake.
From that time i pray to God
to make me more strong, more confident and yes
more resistant to negative people and surroundings
As a Universal Donor, i believe in being positive as well as optimistic
Recently done with first experience of Blood donation
and believe me you feel like really hungry than later on  happy.

PS is a not so hard  understandable
he is a little cautious about people around him
once you get his attention you will never be forgotten
and yes the bond will be always for ever and ever.

PS loves you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Three Cheers to Life...

It feels good when you know what you really want from your life. But its better when you get a surprise and celebrate your life. 
Always put a smile on your face and you will see the whole surroundings beautiful and just like your way.
Its your day everyday...cheer up and capture the best shots.
Release your emotions and share your thoughts. It really feels good to be good.

Let us not bother about the sad and bad times when we have plenty of things to cheer for.
You are born to desire and succeed not to demise.
You are the creator of your own destiny.
You are your own well wisher.

                                                      P.S : Laughter is the best medicine. Smile is the best pill.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little About Life...

Many a times we repent on our decisions.
We repent just because we have to.
We close our eyes and run away from our mistakes, knowing that its not just a mistake but a blunder.
We hide ourselves and kill our emotions.
But if you look at the very positive side of life...there is nothing much to say sorry for.
Many of us do mistakes unknowingly...and knowingly we hurt ourselves.
There is always a solution for your problem, however big it is.
Its better to accept your present situation whether in your social or family life and work for best in future.
And its even better to solve your own problem.
If you are good in helping self you are best in helping others...

Remember: A Sea is made up of little drops of water... and serene.
It is the color of sand that adds glory to the beach.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sailing to Infinity...

Let me fly to the winds of north to ride the storm to taste the thunder to quench the soul...
Let me jump higher and touch the sky let me rise to the horizon to fetch my sun my shine...

@all the pics are taken in RK Beach, Visakhapatnam around the beautiful blue coastline of Bay of Bengal in Southern Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bye Bye 2011...

So finally the new year has arrived..or say we have entered a very new year. 
So just enjoy the new world, the new people and the new lives of oneself free from all the shackles of the last year. For me last year was really eventful. Eventful in the sense as all were in a revengeful mood after so much of shocks and disasters. From the end of Osama and Gaddafi to the earthquakes of Japan, Typhoon Irene of US we have seen many an unknown face of the world. For India it was a year of loss and triumph. on one side we Indians lost many a great personalities of all time the evergreen painter MF Hussain,yesteryear actors like Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand and notable singers like Jagjit Singh, Bhupen Hazarika and musician Bhimsen Joshi and many others. The world lost many an eminent personalities like Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobs who were the news-makers of all time.
The fall of the longest serving Communist Party in a democracy like India to the Release of Aun San Suu Kii, to the rise of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare fighting for a strong Lokpal were the sensations all around the world. India witnessed many Trials and allegations last year. Hope this new year bring a new dimension to the world of prosperity and belief. I wish each one of us live our life of dreams and succeed in our dimensions. and yes don't believe in the rumors going on about the end of the world. i promise you next year on 2013 i will be back with another NEW YEAR post on blogger. C ya!! :)