Saturday, September 19, 2015

Many Many Times...

After a month i am back on Blogger to write something, something i wanted to.
So here goes another prose from my personal and silly life--

(Pic courtesy- Rohitash Hurla, Place- Sinhagad Fort, Pune)

I thought about the time well spent
Last night like every night
Last day like any other day
I thought about the life well spent..with you.

Those warm hugs and cuddles
Those "only you and me" troubles
That meandering experience of lost and found
That salacious natural heavenly sound

The songs of the little marionette
Singing aloud in the countryside
The winter clouds of southern sky
The hidden truth in every lie

I may be a fool who wants to reason
Why i lost you was not the season
I loved you each time with your new complexes
when "We cant be together" was there everytime

No this is not the time to remorse
Coz This is the body that dies not the soul
My love is alive for you
Will always be alive between the two

So hold me in your arms
Never say goodbye
Coz i will be there with you forever
Like the rising sun and the flowing river.

Yes I still think about you..Many times.