Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Ugly Truth

Gupta left the room giving a confused look to Krishna. Wiping his face, he thought for a second that everything is fake. Maybe this is a copy-paste stuff or some very good editing. But the details in it were unquestionable. 
He asked himself, “Who was following them? Where did they meet first? How do they know each other? Why Priya would lie to me now?” Inside the envelope, there was a note. Written with charcoal instead. It read, ‘I know everything that you want to know. I know that was not just an accident.’
Krishna wiped his face full of sweat again. Suddenly he got an SMS.
“Krish…they want to hurt me, Krish. Please save me, Krish.Please.”
Krishna became infuriated and started tearing some of the polaroids that now lay shattered down into pieces. From one of the pieces, he saw the vivacious smile of Priya as if he got betrayed for this time too.

“Krish…Krish come on! Its already 10 in the morning. We need to see the doctor. You promised me last night. Chalo!
“Priya! Please let me sleep na! You also sleep, come to my arms. Come, come!”
“No Krish…I think you should wake up now. Here take your bed tea. Chalo wake up now!”
“Hmm…oh shit! Don’t blame me for this Priya. I forgot to wish you…oh no!! Happy Birthday Priya!” Krish with an apologetic face looked straight to Priya who seemed nowhere impressed with this laid back gesture of Krish. He embraced her and they both were now in bed again…into each other’s arms. “Krish, I wanted to tell you something. About this doctor’s appointment and how we should proceed further.”
“Hmm...I know. Let me talk to my parents. Everything will be alright. Don’t worry.”
“ I wish, I want to meet your parents soon Krish.. let's do this together. Soon.Okay?”

'For Priya, I was everything. But for me, it was something else.
I still remember the day, she fell off from the stairs. She blames herself for the act. But maybe she was wrong. Unaware of the things that I knew.
For my father, she was sore to his eyes. That day...'
A call distracted Krishna this time. It was Sandhya on the line.
"Hey ..wassup? Lunchtime? Are you coming?"
"Yes, hold on Sandhya, Dario's right?"
"Yes, meet me na. I will be reaching by 1 o'clock, just got some work to finish off. Okay?"

The time was 12:20 pm
He took all the polaroids one by one and tore them all into pieces.
He got an intercom from the receptionist.
"Sir, there is someone who wants your appointment right now. I told him it's not possible. But he is insisting."
"What's the matter? Tell him I am not available now. Please tell him to come tomorrow."
"Sir, he wants to give you something."
"Just hold on. I am coming."
Putting off the phone, he said to himself, " I am gonna knock off that guy. Bastard!"
As soon as he left his room and reached the reception, he got stumbled founding the person waiting for him.
"Mr. Dayal?"
"Hello Krishna beta, I hope you remember me. I got something for you. I found a notebook from Priya's room. I thought to pass it on to you. His Father suffered cardiac arrest and left us one year ago. Maybe you  know that. She is missing after that incident. God knows her whereabouts. But she left this. " Mr. Dayal was in the 60s. The old little guy handed him the notebook left. The notebook had a collection of poems written by Priya.
Priya was a brilliant student from schooldays. She used to write poems.
With the notebook in his hands, Krishna took a deep breath.
He turned a few pages and found a sketch in that. His eyes got stuck as if he saw something unpredictable. He was horrified. Dumbstruck.

What happened to Krishna that he couldn't agree with what he found in the notebook? Was it related to him or there was something ugly about it?

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