Thursday, December 27, 2018

This is Not Real

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Tied to a sallow heart why does he want to bring me where he goes?Oh and to find out the reasons why it's enough to make you wanna try for one last night

With the broken pieces spread here and there, he looked for the mysterious envelope she left for him. Maybe for the very first and last time.
"Oh come on Priya, switch on your phone."
Holding the envelope in his hand, he waited for the time to stop. 

* * *
"What are your greatest fears in life, Krishna?" Priya was curious, as ever.
"You..ahem ahem." Krishna sipping hot coffee at a restaurant.
"Come on, serious talks. Tell me."
"Ummm...the feeling of losing yourself? Like Death?"
"What if I tell you there is life beyond death?"
"Only in your arms Priya"
"Stop being boorish everytime Krishna. I mean it."
"Hey, wait wait wait. Why is that every time you talk about dying and life after death things."
"Who started it first...'the feeling of losing yourself? Like Death'? Super funny."
"Stop doing that, I don't want to lose you. Never!"
"One day... I will be gone forever. What you will do then?
"Are you nuts? Let's change the topic."
"What if I am not Priya and you are not Krishna?"
"Ok, I am leaving now. Bye"
"Wait, come back. Ok, I will just ask you one thing and you have to be very very true this time. No Cheating. Ok?
"Ok. Shoot."
"Is there any other girl in your life?"
"Priya...what bullshit?"
"Tell me, Krishna, is there?"

* * *
Time 9:01 am

Time for office. Krishan gets a call.
"Hey Sandhya, yes yes I am on my way. Just left. See you there in 10 minutes. Yup, Bye."
He takes the envelope and puts it back in his side bag and leaves his house. Puzzled.

Krishna drives his Sedan to Sandhya's residence. Sandhya in her favorite purple floral dress was waiting for him outside. On seeing him, she waves hello. Krishna smiles a little though he couldn't smile more like before.
"Hey, you are late. All fine?" Sandhya curling her side locks with her hands, smiling.
"Hmm. You good? Let's go."
"Father has made all the arrangements. They say, tomorrow morning we will be getting the invitation cards ready. I am so happy for us."
"Yes yes." Krishna was not into the moment today. He was a little disturbed or maybe more.
"How is Mom?"
"She is good too."
"Who else? You said..good too.!"
"Aaah..yes. She is good."
After a drive of 20 minutes, the car reached near the entrance of the office building. Sandhya gets out with a confused face staring at Krishna. 
"Aah, there is an envelope at your backseat!.Hmm..something written like OPEN AT 4 PM. what's this? surprise?"
Krishna totally dumbstruck now. 'How is this possible? Another envelope?' He turns back and finds the little green envelope which he totally missed out while driving the car from his house to her place.
"Aah yes, for my friend. His birthday. I will take care of it. Thanks"
"Ok, see you at lunch. Meet me at the Dario's. We'll have something together for lunch? Sharp at one. Ok?"
"Yes, sure. Bye"

Sandhya winked at him and continued to her office entrance lift.
Krishna moved his car to the parking area. He killed the engine and grabbed the envelope from his backseat. There was a letter 2 on it followed by ' OPEN AT 4 PM'. How the hell it entered the car? He was disturbed. Is that a kind of prank or something? 

Time 10:30 am.
He gets a call. He is still inside his car thinking about the course of events.
"Hello Krishna sir, I am calling from the reception, Swati here."
"Yes Swati, Tell me."
"Someone wants to meet you at the office. He needs an appointment at 4 pm."
"4 pm? Tell him to come after 5. I am busy."
"He says he wants to deliver you an envelope in person."
"An envelope? What kind of envelope? You got his number?"
"He said he will deliver to you in person. Something confidential. He will call again, he said."
"Ok. Confirm him, I will be back by then.
"Done sir." The receptionist hung up.

Krishna took out the first letter and matched the writing with the second envelope.
'What if someone is playing a prank with me? I will teach that fellow a lesson.'
He was going to put his cell phone back to pocket,soon he receives an SMS.

"What If I come back into your life, Krish? Will you still love me?" No number to show.
"Priya? No, it is not possible. She is dead. It is not possible."

Krishna stares at the SMS with the envelopes lying next to his seat as if his past was returning back to him, haunting him. 

He dials Priya's more time.

'Do Not Disturb. Phone is Switched off. Please drop a message after this tone.'

....To be Continued.


#JoDikhtaHainWohSachHotaNahi #JoSachHainWohDikhtaNahi.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Little Known Secret...

"Look at the setting sun...."
"It's beautiful..."
"Yes, it is..all alone, yet so bright and beautiful."
" it the same over there also?"
"It's the same, never too little and neither too big. It's the same."
"The night is going to be different..tonight. Isn't it?"
"Well, I just can only say- let us live another one. Let us not cry."
"I will never forget you."
"You have to...I will not be there for you forever. I need to go. Away...away from you."
"I don't want to talk anymore right now. I am choking inside."
"Don't cry. Smile baby, the last smile maybe for me?Yes? Maybe someday we will meet again?"
"Goodbye. Wish you all the best. Sleep well. Good night."
"Goodbye Honey. See you again sometime..maybe. Good night."

He hung up the call. A tear rolled down from his eye crossing his cheek shining brightly in the setting sun's reflection over the silent sea. He looked at the sky, the sun slowly drowning in the heart of the sea. Now, the sky became his companion. The sun is invisible now. Darkness all around. The phone switched off. 'Do Not Disturb.'

He was holding a few white pages all wet with his own tears. The blue ink getting erased slowly just like his memories. That night he cried a lot. Maybe she also cried or maybe she smiled for him, for one last time. For one has left the other forever, the other can never see her again. They say time heals, but what about the memories. They never die, they come back to you and pinch you every time making you happy or the worst. Not better anymore. He opened his right palm and found a small sea-shell pale cream in color with brown stripes. He took the shell out of his window, his right hand wet in the moonlight now and closed his eyes. Soon the shell was gone.
He stayed near the window. Sat by the side. Weeping all alone. For the one last time. The night was there for one more time. Maybe for the last time?

The day arrived.
" a bad headache." He woke up from his bed, got into his morning clothes with sleepy eyes. The bed was cold. The blanket even colder. His phone beeped a little lying under the pillow. Maybe an SMS. He headed straight to the kitchen. One more beep this time. Maybe an alarm?
Soon with a cup of coffee, he appeared in his bedroom.
"Aah...low battery. Forgot to charge!"
A calendar notification. Pick up Priya, she got her CAT today. Need 2 drop her @ the exam vnu. Dated 26th November 2017. Repeat each year. Alarm Set to 08:00 hours.
His eyes got glued to the screen.

"I am getting late. I am so upset."
"Don't worry, Main hu na!"( I am there for you)
"That's why I am getting late. Why don't you get a new bike? Is scooty ke acche din aa chuke hai. Just get rid of it yaar!!"
"This is my Dhanno...Never ever doubt on its stamina... Okay? We will reach the venue by 12...for sure. Come, sit."
"Yes, meri Basanti...please drive fast for my sake!!"
"Vroom, Vroom Vroooooom!"

She giggled a little and he smiled a little more. With a nod from him, she jumped on his rickety bike. Her hands swiftly found the comfort in his arms and she took a deep breath. Her head resting over his back and our rider as usual on his rickety two-wheeler undisturbed, uber-cool and unusually proud about the antiquities of his life, started off. She was sure and he was right, as always.

"It's all your fault. I am fed up with you! How can you??"
"I am sorry. I thought...Aah..who knew that I will run out of petrol?"
"Run out of what? It's your damn Scooter! Oh.. let me catch an auto now. Hey Bhagwaan, help us out!"
"Don't worry, I will book an Uber for you!"
"I too have Uber app in my mobile. You need not do anything. How irresponsible you are! How could you do that? It's my exam!"
"Shit, battery drained out! Sss...Sorry! Sorry..Ne.."

The doorbell rang, this time two times, one after the other with a small interval in between. He moved his eyes away from the screen. The phone still showing' Battery Low'.
Time 8:45 am. Milkman maybe?

A Sky Blue envelope. Maybe any letter inside. He found that envelope lying on the doorstep. He picked it up and searched for the sender's name. The envelope had a single digit number "1" with a typed sentence in ARIEL font 11 Bold and Italic."Do not open till 12 in the noon" written in black.
Surprised. He searched for the postman. There was no one. Maybe the postman left in a hurry or he may not be interested in anyone's personal affair. Confused, he shut the door and placed the envelope on the kitchen table under the pickle jar.
He took a quick shower and dressed up all in his best attire. Sequined black neck-tie with full white sleeves. Steel grey trousers and brown oxfords to match the blue-collar look. Monday. We all hate it. He slid the envelope inside his side sling bag and leaped for his mobile.
"Eighty-nine. Okay, this much shall do!"

Tied to a sallow heart
why does he want to bring me where he goes?
Oh and to find out the reasons why it's enough to make you wanna try for
one last night

He could faintly remember the day.

"So what I like Grey. After all, we all ladies crave for the one ultimate Grey in our lives."
"Aah, that's making me jealous."
"You should. So tell me how is Mummyji? All well? She got her surgery all good?
"Yep yep now she can run as well. Haha"
"Better she not. She should take care of her health. You are the only son."
"Ya I know and I am marriageable too. One more year and yes i willbe a silver daddy. Haha"
"Nonsense. Go bring some biscuits. I wanna eat!"
"Aye aye captain."
"You know what I have a deep dark secret!"
"We all have some kinda secrets. What's new in that?"
"You are so mean..leave it."
"Tell me. I am all ears!"
"When I will die, you will get to know. A lot!"

The coffee cup slipped from his hand. Broke into two maybe three and four. Coffee all over the floor.

"What a mess and I'm already late now."

The coffee cup was lying lonely, broken into multiple pieces. Empty like his life right now.
He pondered for a moment," What secrets?" He reached out to the envelop once again which was lying inside his side bag. This time the envelope was heavy, heavy like his heart. As if betrayed. What was she hiding from him. Will this letter or whatever there is inside speak out the truth? Why she is not here with him. She left him. All of a sudden. But to where? Will he ever find out what happened to her? Do Not Disturb. Phone is Switched off. Please drop a message after this tone.

....To be Continued at


#JoDikhtaHainWohSachHotaNahi #JoSachHainWohDikhtaNahi.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Swayambhutaye Namastute...

Krishna, Shiva or Ganesha...there exists a self-manifested form of power relevant in Hindu Mythology and Culture. Swayambhu- in Sanskrit means "self-existing''. Just like our own chetna, consciousness, the emotions are self-existing. Ganesha, also Ganapati or Vinayaka is the God of wisdom and remover of obstacles hence,'Vighna-harta'. AshtaVinayaka- the eight forms of Ganesha is found in the temples spread across Maharashtra.

1. Moreshwar, 79 Kms East of Pune.

2. Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek, 100 kms East of Pune

3. Ballaleshwar, 66 kms South of Panvel, Navi Mumbai

4. Varadavinayak, 65 kms East of Mumbai towards Lonavala.

5. Chintamani, 27 kms East of Pune

6. Girijatmaj, 96 kms North of Pune

7. Vighneshwar, 88 kms North of Pune

8. Mahaganpati of Ranjangaon, 52 kms East of Pune.

All these holy temples are a must visit if you believe in the power of Ganesha. Every year Lord Ganesha visit the Earth on his Vehicle 'Mooshak' ie. Mouse or a Rat. 

Believers say the mouse symbolizes desires.Also in Sanskrit, mooshaka (mouse) is derived from the root moosh which means stealing. As a rat or a mouse is considered a common household pest which may harm the harvest and stored grains, thus it appeared to be a vighna in ancient times, an impediment that needed to be checked in those days. One of the theories suggests that Ganesha being the master of the rat or mouse demonstrates his function as Vigneshwar (Lord of Obstacles) and hence served a possible role as a village 'deity' who later rose to greater prominence. 

Hindu Mythology has essence of the seasons and tales associated with it. As we find the knowledge sharing either through written manuscripts called Vedas and Puranas so does Hindu Philosophy branching out to Shruti( the one that is to be heard) and Smruti(the one that is to be remembered). Lord Ganesha is considered the 'Pratham Devta' or the first God to be worshipped and also is known to write the sacred texts of Mahabharata narrated by Saint Ved Vyas to 'Ek-danta' Ganesha. It is believed that the present time is KaliYuga, which started at around 3100 BC with the end of the Kurukshetra War (or Mahabharata war).

Puranas are the holy religious texts of Hindu Mythology that are a part of Vedas. They come under Shruti Philosophy of Hindu-ism. Ganesha Purana illustrates the four different vehicles of Lord Ganesha,ie. Mohotkata in the Satyuga or Kritayuga uses a lion,Moreshwar or Mayureshwar in Tretayuga uses a Peacock, Gajanan in  Dwaparyuga uses a mouse and Dhumraketu in Kaliyuga uses a horse. Thus we have four incarnations of Ganapati symbolizing four eras or the cycle of Yugas. All the four incarnations are symbolically suggesting the removing of obstacles by Lord Vighna-harta Ganesha.

Thus, Ganesha like Vishnu( mostly the dieties as Parsurama, Rama, Krishna and Budhdha) and Shiva has always been there in all the yugas symbolically. We just need to acknowledge his omnipresence in our daily life and take blessings to get wisdom and pray for the removal of all the obstacles from our neverending cycle of life.Om Ganapataye Namaha.

So let us all cheer in unison and pray to Lord Ganesha-
Ganpati Bappa Morya,Purchya Varshi Laukar ya
(Oh Lord Ganesha bless us and visit us next year quickly, we eagerly wait for you)

~PS~ 19.09.2018~

Monday, September 17, 2018

पर तुम डरना मत...मुकाबला करना

माना तुम दुनिया से अलग हो,
तुम्हे सब पसंद ना आये,
तुम्हे सब पसंद ना करे
पर तुम मुस्कुराना
यही तुम्हारी ताकत है.
पहले वह तुम पर हसेंगे
तुमसे ढेरो सवाल करेंगे
ऐसे सवाल जो तुम्हे सही नहीं लगेंगे...
चुभेंगे और जलाएंगे,
तोड़ेंगे और तरपायेंगे.
पर तुम डरना मत
मुकाबला करना
उनके सवालो से ज्यादा अपने आप पे भरोसा रखना
वह नजरे झुक जाएगी जो तुम्हे सवाल पूछ बैठे
तुम क्या हो और क्यों हो यह जानने का हक़ सिर्फ तुम्हे है
पर तुम डरना मत
अपनी पहचान बनाना
और दिखा देना
उन आँखों को अपनी आँखे जो आज अंधी हो चुकी है
शायद उनसे बड़ा बदनसीब आज कोई और न होगा
मुकाबला करना
और फिर तुम हसना
जी खोलके उनके ऊपर
पर उनसे सवाल मत करना
उनके पास खुद की आबरू नहीं बची है अभी
तुम्हे पर्दानशीं करके खुद अंधे बन चुके है
तुम जरूर हसना
क्योकि अब वक़्त तुम्हारा है
सिर्फ तुम्हारा
इसे कोई छीन नहीं सकता
कोई भी नहीं.
==== प्रसेनजित सरकार=====

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Dashavatara- The Cycle of Human Consciousness

Its agreed that Ancient Indian Texts of Hindu Mythology has a sea of knowledge and perhaps the best of minds have written the manuscripts putting the universe into a nutshell to make understand the coming generations.
I was happened to pass by one of the ancient texts depicting Dashavatara- the ten incarnations of Vishnu who is the Indian God of Existence or say 'Time' aka 'Kala'. What I perceived is my opinion as we understand that the human mind has endless power to think of the unimaginable and the thought process empowers consciousness.
Picture Courtesy: 19th Century Dashavatara painting. (

If we look closely one can find that the Garuda Purana illustrates the evolution theory of human consciousness, as I believe, from the initial life forms starting from the Fish(Matsya)-Amphibian(Kurma)-Herbivore
(Varaha)-Carnivore(Narsimha)-Early Human(Vaaman)-CaveMan(Parshuram)-The Righteous One(Rama)-The Supreme Knowledge(Krishna)-The EnglightendOne(Buddha)- TheUltimateOne(Kalki) and hence the cycle of consciousness continues. It's a Universal law that encompasses every single individual's life in the universe.

There are articles contrasting similarities between Darwin's Theory of Evolution to that of the Illustration of Dashavatara. Maybe true but I strongly believe that we as a conscious natural being have little knowledge of our Universe and we know just the basic laws of nature. Only time can tell whether our god given intelligence lasts our survival on this planet where we are just doing our duties and fulfilling the purpose timelessly. Time waits for none. It's endless, Its Supreme. The Cycle of Life will continue along with the death and birth of consciousness every time.

Hare Krishna.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

A thought for rebuilding a paradise

Rains marked their ultimate trajectory that night.
The perilous sky erupted thunderbolts
destroying countless stars lying below
drowning under the vast sea of aspirations
in god's own country.

The day saw no sunshine,
tragedy, jeopardy, and treachery were the three ultimate friends
or foes as they say,
The mind lost the calm, wandering inside the labyrinth called life
with all doors shut, the soul got no respite
It died a slow death, with a promise to re-born with a hope.

Millions lost their homes built brick by brick cemented with red,
red as in blood, washed away colorless that day.
Empty promises and white lies found no ears that day
A day not so promising, dates were missing this time

A hand came out to search for another
They say, an eye for an eye,
I say let us all be blind, 
Let us not see who we are, where did we come from
The red inside of us is same, there is a heart in every one of us
that beats the same between sixty and a hundred.
A hundred hearts stopped beating that day.
Let humanity survive.

Silence is not Valory.
Let the rains of joy shower on your friends who are in need.
Let us not forget our part of service.
A nation is  'ONE' when we join hands together.
Let's make this God blessed Country a paradise once again.

#WakeUpIndia #KeralaFloods #UnitedWeStandAgainstOdds

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Different 'Today'

Pic: A Lonely 'walk'
Location: Calangute Beach, Goa
It is something different today,
right now.

The usual eyes searching for the flame of desire
A desire that remained unfulfilled, incomplete and unjustified.

I have seen you singing songs of merriment
with tears of deceit and guilt.
I have been with you in your tested days
with the hollow dream, you built,

I have grown up with you, inch by inch,
when your smile was my paradox of dis-ease.
I have walked with you in scalding sands
when your song traveled akin a cold breeze.

I have never complained how hard it is to believe
That someday somewhere I could get lost
Lost forever from your memories
That day is different today 
Indeed, it is something different today

Like my prose has lost the rhythm and rhyme
to find solace in the trajectory of myriad thoughts
Like the time has stopped for me forever
to question me and my fate of loosened knots.

If you are reading these by now
I pray to the lord that one day,
You will come back to surrender but
I will be different that day from today

I promise you, my dear-est, one last time, 
right now, that
I will be different that day from today.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dear Human, I am Writing to You.

Dear Human,

I have seen you falling apart
I have seen the best in you, the worst and the least too
No matter how difficult, you have always searched the deep inside of me
A deep dark world where the sun sets and never rises again

I know you are hurt,
I have heard you talking about your life
How withered is your fabric of the unseen past?
How shattered is your mind of the unforgiven future?

You have cried to me, laughed with me, yelled at me, though I never complained
Because I know my waves will take all your pain away
Away to a very distant place where silence is worshipped by the chaotic cult
Where fire is non-existent and wet is the world

I have seen you holding hands, walking along my side embracing your loved ones.
I have seen you drown down unto me with your soul
A soul buried forever in depths that can never be measured and found
I know you want your next life to be free from your own agony and distress.

Your sudden palpitations when you are loved and hurt
Your face when you smile and frown simultaneously
Your fingers that stroke my walls of separation with land
I am the sea of your thoughts that try to break the foundation beneath

The sea of salvation, the penultimate gift of freedom that you crave for
The rocks where crab like little hearts lose their identity and wash away with the waves
The salty winds that touch the cheeks of the birds that pray to the lord for their meals on time
And the teary wet eyes that see no more beyond the horizons where the sun sets forever

With a promise to return back again
With a life, less troubled and pained
With a dream, less achieved and a world, less worried.
In the past, present, and future altogether at the same place.

Yours truly,
The Sea.

Pic Courtesy: Prasenjit Sarkar@sarkartimes247
Place: Marine Drive, Mumbai
Date- 2nd May 2018

Source: One Plus 5T


Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Real Language of Rains

A few days back while going through a book, I got hooked on a phrase by Pablo Neruda, a Latin American poet of 20th century. "In what language does rain fall over tormented cities?" He was quoted.

I believe without sufferings, life lacks meaning. It is a journey that has its own turns and haults. You are the driver and the only passenger. You discover yourself to a new destination, spend some time, have some experience, bear the sufferings through a little or a more. You set your own goals, fight back with maturity and shatter the impossibilities. Don't back out if you find yourself alone in your journey. Rains will bring relief to your barren land of dreams and drench the thirst of your tormented soul.Sooner or later, you will emerge victoriously and oh boy! that day will be yours.

Always remember, you are the creator of your own destiny, your own thoughts, and things. 
You are your own best friend and then my friend you will never feel alone. Stay strong and move on.
May the happiness and positivity always be with you.

~Not A Poetry this time, also not a story~


Friday, March 16, 2018

...and I flew away

I touched you, your tormented soul was bleeding
I saw you in pain, silent and disturbed, waiting
for someone you knew very well
Etched into my memories, the time took its turn
and flew in minutes, i flew away from you

Tonight,let the promise in me strive
Let a new amorous me shine all along
out in the open for you and everyone,
Let me fly away to a distant world
where only i shall find my solace and be merry about it

Words fail to find the home that once used to be
a heart full of red crimson sky, a sky full of love
drowning the soul in the slumber of moonlight
remembering each and every piece of togetherness,
I flew away like any other day from you and away from you.

You touched me, like the rays of the morning sun
kissing the droplets spread over the rose buds
Now the world feels like a thunder
waiting to strike as cold as could be.
Colder are the days in summer
when i paint the sky with blue,
blue and blue, no more crimson red sky...
...and i flew away.