Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Little Known Secret...

"Look at the setting sun...."
"It's beautiful..."
"Yes, it is..all alone, yet so bright and beautiful."
"Ya...is it the same over there also?"
"It's the same, never too little and neither too big. It's the same."
"The night is going to be different..tonight. Isn't it?"
"Well, I just can only say- let us live another one. Let us not cry."
"I will never forget you."
"You have to...I will not be there for you forever. I need to go. Away...away from you."
"I don't want to talk anymore right now. I am choking inside."
"Don't cry. Smile baby, the last smile maybe for me?Yes? Maybe someday we will meet again?"
"Goodbye. Wish you all the best. Sleep well. Good night."
"Goodbye Honey. See you again sometime..maybe. Good night."

He hung up the call. A tear rolled down from his eye crossing his cheek shining brightly in the setting sun's reflection over the silent sea. He looked at the sky, the sun slowly drowning in the heart of the sea. Now, the sky became his companion. The sun is invisible now. Darkness all around. The phone switched off. 'Do Not Disturb.'

He was holding a few white pages all wet with his own tears. The blue ink getting erased slowly just like his memories. That night he cried a lot. Maybe she also cried or maybe she smiled for him, for one last time. For one has left the other forever, the other can never see her again. They say time heals, but what about the memories. They never die, they come back to you and pinch you every time making you happy or the worst. Not better anymore. He opened his right palm and found a small sea-shell pale cream in color with brown stripes. He took the shell out of his window, his right hand wet in the moonlight now and closed his eyes. Soon the shell was gone.
He stayed near the window. Sat by the side. Weeping all alone. For the one last time. The night was there for one more time. Maybe for the last time?

The day arrived.
"Aah...got a bad headache." He woke up from his bed, got into his morning clothes with sleepy eyes. The bed was cold. The blanket even colder. His phone beeped a little lying under the pillow. Maybe an SMS. He headed straight to the kitchen. One more beep this time. Maybe an alarm?
Soon with a cup of coffee, he appeared in his bedroom.
"Aah...low battery. Forgot to charge!"
A calendar notification. Pick up Priya, she got her CAT today. Need 2 drop her @ the exam vnu. Dated 26th November 2017. Repeat each year. Alarm Set to 08:00 hours.
His eyes got glued to the screen.

"I am getting late. I am so upset."
"Don't worry, Main hu na!"( I am there for you)
"That's why I am getting late. Why don't you get a new bike? Is scooty ke acche din aa chuke hai. Just get rid of it yaar!!"
"This is my Dhanno...Never ever doubt on its stamina... Okay? We will reach the venue by 12...for sure. Come, sit."
"Yes, meri Basanti...please drive fast for my sake!!"
"Vroom, Vroom Vroooooom!"

She giggled a little and he smiled a little more. With a nod from him, she jumped on his rickety bike. Her hands swiftly found the comfort in his arms and she took a deep breath. Her head resting over his back and our rider as usual on his rickety two-wheeler undisturbed, uber-cool and unusually proud about the antiquities of his life, started off. She was sure and he was right, as always.

"It's all your fault. I am fed up with you! How can you??"
"I am sorry. I thought...Aah..who knew that I will run out of petrol?"
"Run out of what? It's your damn Scooter! Oh.. let me catch an auto now. Hey Bhagwaan, help us out!"
"Don't worry, I will book an Uber for you!"
"I too have Uber app in my mobile. You need not do anything. How irresponsible you are! How could you do that? It's my exam!"
"Shit, battery drained out! Sss...Sorry! Sorry..Ne.."

The doorbell rang, this time two times, one after the other with a small interval in between. He moved his eyes away from the screen. The phone still showing' Battery Low'.
Time 8:45 am. Milkman maybe?

A Sky Blue envelope. Maybe any letter inside. He found that envelope lying on the doorstep. He picked it up and searched for the sender's name. The envelope had a single digit number "1" with a typed sentence in ARIEL font 11 Bold and Italic."Do not open till 12 in the noon" written in black.
Surprised. He searched for the postman. There was no one. Maybe the postman left in a hurry or he may not be interested in anyone's personal affair. Confused, he shut the door and placed the envelope on the kitchen table under the pickle jar.
He took a quick shower and dressed up all in his best attire. Sequined black neck-tie with full white sleeves. Steel grey trousers and brown oxfords to match the blue-collar look. Monday. We all hate it. He slid the envelope inside his side sling bag and leaped for his mobile.
"Eighty-nine. Okay, this much shall do!"

Tied to a sallow heart
why does he want to bring me where he goes?
Oh and to find out the reasons why it's enough to make you wanna try for
one last night

He could faintly remember the day.

"So what I like Grey. After all, we all ladies crave for the one ultimate Grey in our lives."
"Aah, that's making me jealous."
"You should. So tell me how is Mummyji? All well? She got her surgery all good?
"Yep yep now she can run as well. Haha"
"Better she not. She should take care of her health. You are the only son."
"Ya I know and I am marriageable too. One more year and yes i willbe a silver daddy. Haha"
"Nonsense. Go bring some biscuits. I wanna eat!"
"Aye aye captain."
"You know what I have a deep dark secret!"
"We all have some kinda secrets. What's new in that?"
"You are so mean..leave it."
"Tell me. I am all ears!"
"When I will die, you will get to know. A lot!"

The coffee cup slipped from his hand. Broke into two maybe three and four. Coffee all over the floor.

"What a mess and I'm already late now."

The coffee cup was lying lonely, broken into multiple pieces. Empty like his life right now.
He pondered for a moment," What secrets?" He reached out to the envelop once again which was lying inside his side bag. This time the envelope was heavy, heavy like his heart. As if betrayed. What was she hiding from him. Will this letter or whatever there is inside speak out the truth? Why she is not here with him. She left him. All of a sudden. But to where? Will he ever find out what happened to her? Do Not Disturb. Phone is Switched off. Please drop a message after this tone.

....To be Continued at https://www.sarkartimes247.com/2018/12/this-is-not-real.html


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