Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Different 'Today'

Pic: A Lonely 'walk'
Location: Calangute Beach, Goa
It is something different today,
right now.

The usual eyes searching for the flame of desire
A desire that remained unfulfilled, incomplete and unjustified.

I have seen you singing songs of merriment
with tears of deceit and guilt.
I have been with you in your tested days
with the hollow dream, you built,

I have grown up with you, inch by inch,
when your smile was my paradox of dis-ease.
I have walked with you in scalding sands
when your song traveled akin a cold breeze.

I have never complained how hard it is to believe
That someday somewhere I could get lost
Lost forever from your memories
That day is different today 
Indeed, it is something different today

Like my prose has lost the rhythm and rhyme
to find solace in the trajectory of myriad thoughts
Like the time has stopped for me forever
to question me and my fate of loosened knots.

If you are reading these by now
I pray to the lord that one day,
You will come back to surrender but
I will be different that day from today

I promise you, my dear-est, one last time, 
right now, that
I will be different that day from today.


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