Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dear Human, I am Writing to You.

Dear Human,

I have seen you falling apart
I have seen the best in you, the worst and the least too
No matter how difficult, you have always searched the deep inside of me
A deep dark world where the sun sets and never rises again

I know you are hurt,
I have heard you talking about your life
How withered is your fabric of the unseen past?
How shattered is your mind of the unforgiven future?

You have cried to me, laughed with me, yelled at me, though I never complained
Because I know my waves will take all your pain away
Away to a very distant place where silence is worshipped by the chaotic cult
Where fire is non-existent and wet is the world

I have seen you holding hands, walking along my side embracing your loved ones.
I have seen you drown down unto me with your soul
A soul buried forever in depths that can never be measured and found
I know you want your next life to be free from your own agony and distress.

Your sudden palpitations when you are loved and hurt
Your face when you smile and frown simultaneously
Your fingers that stroke my walls of separation with land
I am the sea of your thoughts that try to break the foundation beneath

The sea of salvation, the penultimate gift of freedom that you crave for
The rocks where crab like little hearts lose their identity and wash away with the waves
The salty winds that touch the cheeks of the birds that pray to the lord for their meals on time
And the teary wet eyes that see no more beyond the horizons where the sun sets forever

With a promise to return back again
With a life, less troubled and pained
With a dream, less achieved and a world, less worried.
In the past, present, and future altogether at the same place.

Yours truly,
The Sea.

Pic Courtesy: Prasenjit Sarkar@sarkartimes247
Place: Marine Drive, Mumbai
Date- 2nd May 2018

Source: One Plus 5T


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