Sunday, September 2, 2018

Dashavatara- The Cycle of Human Consciousness

Its agreed that Ancient Indian Texts of Hindu Mythology has a sea of knowledge and perhaps the best of minds have written the manuscripts putting the universe into a nutshell to make understand the coming generations.
I was happened to pass by one of the ancient texts depicting Dashavatara- the ten incarnations of Vishnu who is the Indian God of Existence or say 'Time' aka 'Kala'. What I perceived is my opinion as we understand that the human mind has endless power to think of the unimaginable and the thought process empowers consciousness.
Picture Courtesy: 19th Century Dashavatara painting. (

If we look closely one can find that the Garuda Purana illustrates the evolution theory of human consciousness, as I believe, from the initial life forms starting from the Fish(Matsya)-Amphibian(Kurma)-Herbivore
(Varaha)-Carnivore(Narsimha)-Early Human(Vaaman)-CaveMan(Parshuram)-The Righteous One(Rama)-The Supreme Knowledge(Krishna)-The EnglightendOne(Buddha)- TheUltimateOne(Kalki) and hence the cycle of consciousness continues. It's a Universal law that encompasses every single individual's life in the universe.

There are articles contrasting similarities between Darwin's Theory of Evolution to that of the Illustration of Dashavatara. Maybe true but I strongly believe that we as a conscious natural being have little knowledge of our Universe and we know just the basic laws of nature. Only time can tell whether our god given intelligence lasts our survival on this planet where we are just doing our duties and fulfilling the purpose timelessly. Time waits for none. It's endless, Its Supreme. The Cycle of Life will continue along with the death and birth of consciousness every time.

Hare Krishna.


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