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Love is a River that flows and...

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Tied to a sallow heart...Why does he want to bring me where he goes? Oh and to find out the reasons why it's enough to make you wanna try for one last night

"Krish...look how beautiful this looks, no?" Priya was showing him how the big round sun was setting slowly down the creek. Both of them were sitting over the concrete blocks of the now-defunct old iron bridge where no one comes, no one drives. Both of them holding hands of each other with their Merc and Sedan facing each other. 
"Yes, indeed, the sun changes color every time and the sky too."
"So what you are thinking? Shall we go on with this? Is this working?"
"Yes, yes, it's our decision. You should keep that. I am not saying NO. But I am not comfortable with a YES also. I don't know."
"Krish, if anything bothers you, feel free to share. I will accept whatever you say."
"Sure, I am Okay. I am in. Maybe..."
"Is that a Yes? Really??"

Krishna could see the happiness in the eyes of Priya. She had shining kohl-lined eyes and with the setting sun, her beauty was going for a full shot. Krishna nodded in positive.
"I am so happy Krish. Let's get engaged. My parents like you so much. I hope your parents will like me too. Isn't it?"
"Yes, definitely." Krishna's voice was a little low now. He was happy. But there was something that bothered him. He said," What if we can go a little slow? I like you. You like me. Maybe we should go a little slow?"
"Krish, its 2 months. I just have one more month. After that everyone gonna know about us. Do you care now?" Her eyes welled up, Krishna could clearly see the shining pearly drops of her tears flowing. He hugs her and comforts her," Give me a week's time Priya, I promise It won't be that long."
"I believe you, Krish, I believe you." Priya brings her mouth close to Krish. Krish reclines and catches her faces with both palms. The sweetness of the lips finds the way through the hearts of the two evening birds; one tied soul who is caged and another free soul who doesn't know how to fly.
"I will come and wait for you here on the 14th. This valentine will be special indeed. I believe." 
Saying so, Priya got up and started walking to her Merc. Krishna saw her getting inside the car with a big smile. He smiled from there and bade her goodbye. She left.

"Welcome Mr.Iyer, how are you doing? Everything fine?" Said a man wearing a brown overcoat having big glasses on a bald head. He was in his fifties or so. Another gentleman who was a little older than him was accompanying a beautiful young girl. He continued, "And may I know about you, sweetheart? Mr. Iyer's younger daughter?"
"Hello, Mr. Shanmugam. No, I have a younger sister. I am Sandhya. Haha."
"Nice meeting you Sandhya. Hope you will take care of father's aspirations and business very soon."
"As soon as he is a partner in your company, this is not my forte."
Mr. Shanmugam's happy face takes a little departure here and the other old man says," Hey Sandhya, this company is also yours. I have bought a few shares in your name in my company. You know that?"
"Appa, I was just pulling your leg. haha. Don't worry Mr. Shanmugam as soon as he is my Appa, no one is going to stand in front of us. Right, Appa?" They both chuckle and Mr. Shanmugam clears his voice a little now with ease.
"Aah...come let me introduce you to my one and only son, Krishna."
Hearing his name Krishna turns around and Sandhya gets a glance at him. Looking at him, a guy of such a stealing smile and eyes that are deep like the ocean, Sandhya couldn't turn away her eyes off him. 
"Pleasure meeting you Miss..." asked Krishna.
"Sandhya...Sandhya Iyer. Nice meeting you Mr. Krishna Shanmugam." She smiled a little.

01.10 pm
At Dario's.

"What happened? Where are you lost, Krishna? enquired Sandhya sitting in front of him.
Their order comes to the table. 
"Ya, Brocolli and Mushroom Soup here. That Lemon soda over there."
"Thank you. Sandhya..i want to tell you something."
"Yes. what is it that bothers you? This Soup is so yummy." Sandhya felt relaxed after having the first bite of the Chocolate Croissants." They will be bringing the Ratatouille for the main course. Sans mushroom but with a dollop of cheese. Lots of it." She was excited.
"Sandhya I need your answer."
"Yes, please?"
" I got this notebook from someone who gave it to me this morning at my office. And there is something that is really making me upset."
"What thing?"
"Isn't this...YOU?" Krishna places the page of the notebook to Sandhya's side. Sandhya's happy face turned sour this time. Food stuck in the middle of nowhere. Her eyes frozen and she is now in complete shock. 
"This is so..ME...yes! How beautiful. I even have this designer Mustard colored dress! But this is so in black and white. Maybe a sketch of me. I remember wearing this dress someday. But how? "
"You won't believe where I found this.......!"
His pause was enough to make Sandhya uneasy.
"This notebook belongs to..?"
"Priya..." concluded Krishna looking straight into her eyes. Sandhya moves her eyes away in negative.
Sandhya laughs a little now. "Oh.. I was so thrilled for a moment. But how come she sketched so well? She used to write poems? Isn't it? "
"Yes, and there is a poem written just after your sketch in this notebook a few months after her death. Sounds fishy?"
"You mean to say, the last thing she did before her death was...she sketched me in this outfit?"
"Yes, I remember, this was our first Valentine's date, together. The same day she died in the freaky accident. Probably."
"Then who wrote the poem? Not her right? She is not a ghost I right?"
"I don't think she has written this."
"What's written in that notebook?" She grabs the last page of the notebook where there was a short poem and it read,


'Love is a river that flows,
unending with no hopes or destination,
trying to return back again to the lover
for the one last time.'
'Then it never fades away,
how bad the memories be
It pinches you hard and makes you weak
on your knees, drowning in the creek 
like a car with no brakes indeed.'

- P.N unquote

"Priya Nair. I think this is her handwriting."
"Are you sure.?
"Yes, I believe her. I am scared if she is alive. or is this my vagary? Am I hallucinating?"
"What? Maybe someone else has written. Better concentrate on your starters now. It's not a safe place to discuss right now."
"Here comes the Ratatouille miss, with extra cheese as per your choice. Please enjoy." the waiter delivered the dish in front of them. Both the faces now dull with the spoon just playing with the plate. As if hunger has vanished and the croissants cold.
"I got an envelope."
"An envelope? What's there inside?"
"It says to OPEN at 4 PM only."

" Okay, as you wish. Let me know what you get in surprise. I will wait for your call."

Krishna was looking at the sketch as if Priya was staring looking for answers

"Is there any other girl in your life? Tell me, Krishna, is there?"

And Priya shot her car straight down the creek, with no trace of her found from the wreckage. Is she still alive? If yes, then why is she hiding from me? Why is she playing with me? Does Sandhya know how Priya died in that accident? I only told her that she passed away in that accident and she may not know exactly how and that I cannot tell her?After two years..why she wants to return?

Sandhya's face was dull. As if she was not happy anymore. The fancy main course dish makes no sense to both of them now. She wondered, 'What's there with Krishna? Why all of a sudden he started talking about Priya? Is she still alive? But it is not possible. I saw Priya drowning in the creek with her Merc. No, it's not possible. Or if it so?' Sandhya was silent and had no answers to her questions. Krishna was silent. They both stared at each other as if they were holding the biggest secrets in their hearts. But what really happened? Do they both know?

The final chapter of this series is going to publish soon. Keep watching this space and happy reading.

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