Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Naxal Bandh...What The F?

hmmm....finally there is another bandh now...not by the opposition parties but by the opposite ppl....MAOISTS !

Hey let me tell you first i m a Bengali by birth (that doesn't mean that i follow or support the Left Parties..their ideas are of the bygone era...their ideologies don't match our current sentiments)
and yes i was brought up in the cities of  Nagpur and Jabalpur very much near to the Maoist infested regions of the central state of Chhattisgarh..and surprisingly i'm doing my graduation from Raipur,the Capital City of this state.And Sadly i have got only one such Super-fast train that connects my present city to Raipur.
So whenever i have to make a reservation i just check the wait-list and get myself confirmed that boy you have to travel by bus now...beggars cannot be choosers. No more options.
And my "last hope" travels through a Naxal affected area...sad...very sad :(
and the saddest part is when i have to travel on Naxal Bandh!

Nowadays Naxalites have got an Easy Way by blowing off the railway tracks and blocking family members are in much more trouble than myself..u know?
Lets us return to the issue....What does a Bandh in a republic or say a democratic nation like us?
Demanding to get the nations attention towards your it so?
then why the hell are 'THEY' calling for Bandhs?
is our nation so much weak to handle such a situation?
i consider that if we use army then the government have to cut out short the force from the international boundaries and then there will be a high risk of infiltration and cross border terrorism in Kashmir and North-East.....Can't we strengthen our Police Force....?
I agree that Naxals are our own people who just lost their aims and are following the path of violence because of failure in talks to the government....
But why should we common people suffer?
Aren't we also the citizens of this nation?
or Should we also start using explosives and blow off  every little thing just to get the Center or States' attention?

The tribal people of Bastar or say Lalgarh dont even know why they are supporting the Naxals!

Small children and Women are getting training in Naxal Camps around the nation to fight against our own system..has our system failed? it what we want?
Just think over the issue.....blame the government that it didnt ever tried to understand the demands of the Naxals and the real poor people who face the real challenges of poverty malnutrition and corruption as well....
I don't blame Miss A.Roy for supporting Naxals...better i would say she is supporting their demands of giving them social privilege and equal status for their living.
I don't even blame the government as well....Not a diplomatic but still....i think the schemes and different facilities for the poor rural people haven't reached to them properly because of the level of corruption in the ministerial level. I would rather thank the government of the states suffering from RED TERROR that they have really done superb job in case of education and health sector..i just want even the whole country wants something more from you....just stop this kind of Bandhs and Hartals because they are totally ANTI-DEMOCRATIC and ANTI-SOCIAL and let the Maoists feel that they can't get success without joining the mainstream...

                         A sincere appeal from a novice blogger-


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