Friday, March 27, 2015

A Hopeful Lament of My Life

I believe to be an "Imagist". In grief , they say we become more stronger , stronger with the belief that a day will come when all of our miseries will go away. With that little hope, i present to you this simple verse. I " hope" you will enjoy it.


The days were never so cold
The nights were never so sleepless
I hoped for a memory so old
That my inner soul was speechless

From somewhere came a beautiful thought
Where two of us were together
I don't know how i lost my mind
like a bird and a parting feather

I pray for the day
When I will be there to hold you once again
And tell to the world
The musical verse of my only midnight pain

Remember the day, remember the time
When two of us were together
The monsoon sky, the sweet lullaby
Like no where and like never

Time is less, I do apologize
For the thousand lies i offered
I did no good I am doing no better
For those teary eyes that mattered

I promise to self, to bring you back
I will never leave you never
For you are mine and i am yours
This promise is for ever

When two of us are together
For ever and Forever.


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