Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Book Called 'Relationship'

Yesterday i got a book
A book called 'Relationship'
It was hidden, kept in an old box
Dusting the dirt off my shoulder
I took the book gently into my rough hands

First it felt like a feather...gentle and sober
The title was blue italics and underlined
the author was Anonymous and pseudonymous
Disguised like my feelings to handle the book
I thought would be easy and carefree

It started with an I everytime
I searched for the "You"...oh dear where are you?
I kept turning the pages until i find the "Us"
and that changed my complete perception
A belief that may not be so true

There was the story of a boy
who was stuck somewhere, confused and deterred
who feared the consequences of the beautiful smile
the rosy cheeks, blue marble eyes
The struggle of love and despair

A gentle breeze followed the kite
Blue with Yellow Thread Tied so right
The kite was fearful of the stormy winds
The thread was strong and helped the boy
The boy was happy he won the race

Few pages were missing
I thought to complain
But wait,
Who am i to decide the author's fate?
Let him skip some bad realities
Let him add a few beautiful lies

I slept with the book when i was tired
I kept it inside my office bag
I read it every day and night
Cause it's the book called "Relationship"
And i was new to it

I cried that day when i lost the book
it was gone like a bad memory
But i found the missing pages beneath my pillow
They don't make sense to me
Cause i lost the "Relationship" and i can't add the pages anymore
I cant add the pages anymore

I went to the road where i last walked
I searched down the street and coffee shop
I went to the bar and the multiplex
The supermarket and airport lounge
Every single step was like a ring with a broken heart
A diamond with a blunt face
A pen with a slit nib
A mirror with a broken glass

With the burnt pages deep in my heart
I knew somewhere the author will weep
I'll wipe off the tears and mend the soul
I'll fix the nib and fill the ink
I'll make the cover Red Bold and Capitalized
I'll write a book called "Relationship"
And it will not get lost anymore
It will not hurt you and me anymore

It will not hurt you anymore
not me anymore

Con  Amore.


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