Sunday, July 6, 2008

MY DISNEYLAND....Ambajhari,Nagpur

Right after his birth....within six to seven months....Prasenjit with his and baba....came to Ambajhari Estate, Nagpur.

A new place...very very new...though my baba was accustomed to move from place place..... as he was a central government employee....but for my ma it was a great Language Problem.....My ma was a teacher from her pre-marital life..studied a lot of faces and minds...but to come down to a Non-Bengali atmosphere proved to be a little harder for her....never mind coz VARIETY is the SPICE of Life(as one of my teachers used to say)....she overcame those linguistic barriers. I got admission in Kindergarten...and my ma also after 1 year, got there the job of a Primary Teacher. so it was not that tough.....i have heard people talking "how can we manage ourselves in those places where we cant hear our own language??" I am a fore fathers were from Dhaka, Bangladesh...but for me and my was not hard to manage...coz if you speak from your heart the listener will definitely get to understand...mind it!! it was a lesson for me in my earlier stages of life.

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