Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Trip To Eastern Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is full of surprises. I should say that it is full of adventure like on a hunt to discover hidden and untouched places and to enjoy the everlasting feelings of being a part of nature's greatest gifts. We booked a Tata Sumo and all 9 friends went for the ride to search the beauty and thrills of  dense forested regions near the river Mahanadi. I am sharing my travel experience as i visited the famous Sirpur Town in the north and  Khallari Temple which lies near the Eastern Border of Chhattisgarh-Orissa.

Sirpur lies around 80 kms from Raipur, capital city of chhattisgarh. Sirpur is a Buddhist Monastry which was once dominated by Dakhshin Koshal Empire which also served as the then capital.The First Hindu Temple built entirely by FireBricks known as Laxman Temple is situated here. Bulk of foreigners do visit this town . the entire town is conserved by Archaeological Survey of India(ASI). Dating back to 7th century AD, the Chinese scholar and traveller Hiuen Tsang. here we can find archaelogical relics and pieces of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist religions of the same era showing the similarlty between their thoughts and practices.

The Museum boasts some of the very beautiful scultures of Hindu gods and goddess alongwith Buddha and Mahavir. Small sculptures of animals made up of clay and rocks are marvellous. The engravings in ancient Devanagairi script is worth to experience.

Next we moved on to the sandy coasts of River Mahanadi. the blue glittering cool waters of the river was much relaxing. we all enjoyed playing with the waters and really it was a memorable experience to all.

We continued our journey through the dense forests of East Chhattisgarh. Driving along the smooth road to Mahasamund,we had our lunch in a nearby restaurant. Delicious and yes Satisfying. Soon we came to our Destination. Khallari Temple, with 815 stairs all cemented and in cascading manner, the temple is dedicated to  Hindu goddess Ma Khallari. It is mainly a group of cave temples each cave dedicated to different sadhus and wild animals as they are believed  to get alive during night to worship the goddess(according to Hindu Mythology).

The beautiful mountain top view of the Bagbahara Town from the Khallari Mountain was breathtaking. the feeling aroused just like the wind came to play with us. We were astonished to gaze the Mountain Ranges of Orissa that were visible in the misty far sight. Yes it was a journey to remember the most. Vibrant Chhattisgarh with its Green just amazing!!! :)

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