Friday, August 25, 2023

The Love of Absence

The absence is nothing but a void 
That wants to be filled with entirety
That wants to stay silent till the hell breaks loose.
The shadows of the past may haunt you for long
The drapes of darkness will fall someday
The mystery may get solved too, but, 
What will remain etched in the memory shall remain forever,
It’s nothing new, was never known too, 
The sacrilege to the heavenly bond will stay strong too, but, 
The only thing that will matter most , the truth, 
Will never be found, will never exist.
It’s the absence of everything that will haunt, 
The presence never shocks nor thrills, it speaks 
The dilemma of a shredded heart, a broken wing, a dying dream.
For the night is the friend of those who sleep, 
Those who don’t, fall prey to grief.
The darkness engulfs the sorrow and promises for light
The light that never shines nor sings, it speaks 
The tale of a sunken heart, a trodden leaf, a fighting mind.
Let all the hell break loose now
Let all the shadows go missing,
Let the memory be profound
Let the heart fly with a dream with hope, existence and mindfulness.
Let there be everyone holding hands together 
Waiting to board the first ship to solve the mystery of a lifetime
Let there be you and I, waiting for our turn to succumb
In this mystery of life and never return.
A life which is full now, nil of voids, full only.
A life less dark, less dreamy, less haunted. 

A life of only you and I.

PS, 25.08.2023

Monday, June 21, 2021


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2. The Secret 

If I tell you that everything that you can desire is possible. How would you react then? Yes, whatever you think you can become is true, your thoughts become your things. There is a single universal force that is always working towards your dreams and aspirations. Great personalities of their times like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Beethoven and Hugo, and others all believed and worked towards this secret recipe that only few have known and applied in their lives for their immense success and popularity. What if you get the secret to health, wealth and happiness? Would you not run for it? Don't waste time and get your copy of this value for money book of a lifetime. Ask, Believe and Achieve.

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3. The Alchemist

"When you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true", this is the core of the novel wonderfully written by Paulo Coelho in a record two weeks' time. First published in Brazil in the year 1988, the novel became a blockbuster in the world of writing and the author was shot to fame. Dreams do come true and the journey makes it worthwhile. For a magical piece of writing full of unforgettable characters with many layers of emotions, one should definitely read this. Available on Amazon still stocks last. Go get your copy of this 25th Anniversary edition at a very reasonable price only now from the given link below-

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4. Tuesdays with Morrie

Written by the American author Mitch Albom, this memoir was an instant hit becoming a US bestseller when published. The way the author has portrayed the life of an old man Morrie as the central character will make your heart warm with emotions. Life should be meaningful not long. Death is inevitable but what you can change is your present. So take your life as a beautiful present and start making others happy and help them in need. Don't regret later the mishaps that became lost opportunities and wisdom gone in drains. Like the 78-year-old Morrie who never said 'Never' and always worked upon to become a source of inspiration to his students, this book will surely help you rediscover a newer you. Why to wait then? Get your copy right away. Link given below

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5. The Little Prince

With the recognition of the MOST TRANSLATED BOOK AFTER THE HOLY BIBLE in the world till date, The Little Prince originally published in French draws its inspiration from the great world war that made the author who was also a pilot to write a story about a young prince who is out to explore the world in search of the ultimate truth. This is a book that forms a part of the school curriculum of children in France that teaches them the lessons of life at a very early age. You need to read this book multiple times, first when you are as a child or when you are a teen, second when you are an adult now, and third when you are in your fifties or sixties. Every time you will find a different interpretation. Still fresh and highly recommended by us to all who are finishing this post right now. Guys, please grab your copy from the below link which is available for your good. Thank me later.

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So which one have you finished reading? Would love to know your reactions soon :)


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Digital Vidya- A Single Platform for all your DM needs

I have been writing blogs since 2007, spending 14 long years just to understand how to make it more visible and reader-friendly as I was not focused at that time and took my blogging journey as a hobby. But things have changed post-2010 and so is the world of blogging in this digital age. As I am writing this post right now, locked up in this Pandemic was never the plan, such uncertain times. But yes, the knowledge of future-ready of digital marketing and social media marketing as I say 'E-skills for every marketeer proved to be a game-changer for me. I was interested in learning digital marketing in the year 2017 when I decided to have my resume updated and sharpen my existing marketing career in the rapidly changing outside world. I came across the profile of Pradeep Chopra, a digital marketing pioneer and CEO of Digital Vidya and I followed his articles and interviews and got to know the benefits of Content Writing, Digital and Social Media Marketing, a highly lucrative job in present time. According to the latest survey, 56% of go-to businesses in India are going to shift to Digital Marketing. So there is an immense scope of job opportunities who want to enter this industry. I enrolled myself in
Digital Vidya and started my journey of DM, SEO, and SEM tools without wasting time further. 

The best part is, their Learning Management System( LMS) is for a lifetime and can be accessed 24x7 to upgrade your skills from the comfort of your home. You get a program coordinator assigned to you who is always available to reach out and solve your queries related to the program. The concept of a mentee and mentor is first introduced which helps you learn at your convenience without any time limit. It is indeed a very versatile and flexible course that you can practice side by side in your free time after your routine job and you can get certified as a digital marketing expert. The Digital Marketing course is divided into sections like Inbound Marketing, SMM, SEM, SEO, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Blogging Workshops and so many to chose from. Like me, there are many in thousands who have benefitted and are reaping their success stories in their respective professional or entrepreneur life. The return on investment? It's priceless. There is placement support where you can appear for job interviews if you are a fresher and also experienced digital marketing professional. They conduct meetings and webinars with industry stalwarts that really helped me broaden the scope and understanding of the course. They conduct certification exams for which you need to be prepared and perform to get certified as a digital marketing pioneer in your field.

I am still connected with the Digital Vidya team and it is a pleasure always to find them being the best mentors available amongst their peers in the online- education industry and they stand out due to their continuous and flexible support system. Thank you team Digital Vidya for staying with me and supporting me in my digital marketing journey. I now have a blog where I publish content frequently and readers from across the globe visit and send me emails asking for collaborations and solutions to their queries. Digital marketing has come a long way and it is here to stay with us forever. All the best to those who are going to take this joyride and I wish you great success. Click on the link to know more about the program- 

See you in another post. Take Care and Be Safe. Keep Learning and Upgrading.

Prasenjit Sarkar

Owner &


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

‘लता, आज चाय नहीं पिलाओगी?’


(संदीप संग रुचि‍‍‍‍‍‍)

मानो कल की ही हो बात उनसे हमारी हुई मुलाकात

उनकी हाथ की चाय के क्या कहने है,

लगा जैसे जन्मो का अटूट बंधन हो,

बस हमसे सम्हला ना गया और हम गलती कर बैठे कि उनसे शादी कर बैठे!

हम आपसे शादी कर बैठे.

आप ने हमेशा समझाया, रवि इस चक्कर में ना फँसो बहुत पचताओगे,

हमने बात पलट के उनसे पूछा , एकटक बस वही पाँच शब्द-

लता, आज चाय नहीं पिलाओगी?’


रवि और लता को जब हिमाद्रि और अभिलाषा हुए

तब हमने जिद रखी, हम एक को डाक्टर और एक इंजीनियर बनायेंगे

लता ने तब कहा हमसे, ‘गर कवि और लेखक बन गये तो क्या कम हो जायेगा आपका प्यार?

क्या नहीं होंगे इनके सपने साकार?’

आपने अपना समय दिया और साथ में हमारे हिस्से का भी,

समय नदी कि भान्ति बहता गया, लहर दर लहर समुंदर में हीरे-मोती, हीरे-मोती.

जब दो सुखद संसार बसे, एक कवि और एक लेखिका उभरे, तब जाकर लता से पूछ लिये-

लता, आज चाय नहीं पिलाओगी?’


जब साठ की सीमा लांघ लिये तब यौवन का ख्याल आया

कुछ मुरझाये गुलाब कि पंखुडिया गालिब कि किताब में दबे मिले,

आंखों के समंदर में डूबे रहे मेरे कुछ अरमान ऐसे निकले

कुछ धुँधलाये यादों में से उनकी तस्वीर बना लाये,

दस्तक देती है आज भी उनकी मुस्कान मेरे मन के द्वार

वही चेहरा याद आता है लता, मानो मिले थे जब हम दो पहली बार.

याद करता हू आज भी गुजरे हुए वह पैंतीस साल

जब तुमने कहा था, रवि मुझे एक वचन दो बस आखिरी बार,

मिलोगे तुम मुझे वही मेरे घर के द्वार, मेरे चौखट पे तुम्हारे दस्तक का रहेगा इंतजार.

मुसकुराऊंगी उस बार, कम शर्माऊंगी, पर बेझिझक बेबाक तुम मुझसे पूछना एक बार-

लता, आज चाय नहीं पिलाओगी?’


~प्रसेनजित सरकार 06.04.2021