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Lets Go Away...together and forever!

Continued from the previous part

Pic courtsey: (c) Rohitash Hurla, 2012. Location: Sinhagad Fort, Pune.

"Now? what next? You are not going to school without your bag..or are you?" her eyes grew bigger and wearing an upset face Kavya was looking more beautiful than ever to Pankaj.
Pankaj giggled a little.
"I never thought i would be talking to you for so long. I so love my schoolbag now." He was happy.
"Huh? Okayzzz... I am getting late now. My friend, Supriya will join me soon. Time to go now. Bye Pankoo. I have to catch a bus to Khadakwasla. Its really far and i am getting late. Bye" She turned her face back and stood there only with her arms crossed and looking up as if she doesn't want to talk anymore. She soon started humming one of her favorite songs.
Pankaj turned away his face from hers. He stepped back a little. His eyes again searching for the bag.
He asked the man standing …

Lost and Found...

Continued from the previous part.

Pankaj would stare Kavya with complete surprise and did not utter any word. This was his daily routine, like for the past one month he is trying to grab some kind of attention but in vain.
Kavya surrounded with the girls would always love to boast how her father fought valiantly in police force.
"He would jump on the culprits from the tree tops and get hold of them. No one can escape from my Baba. He is my superman!"
"Arey Kavya, you never told us about your mother. Where is your Aai? Not here with you? You didn't tell us about her!" asked the girl with the runny nose, puzzled.
"Pooja, tula kaay mahiti? I don't know... My Baba says she has gone to meet Ganpati Bappa to some distant place. I am sure she will come back someday. I just want to see her. How she looks and what she wears? is she also fond of badminton like me? or she plays basketball lik…

Pudhil Station...Pune Vidyapeeth!

I wonder how countless people carry loads of stories with them everyday and everywhere.
Right from waking up early in the morning, performing their daily chores, gushing out to the streets and losing their own identities among others in just a fraction of time.
Some want to get a decent job, rest want a handsome pay.
Some want a life partner, rest a partner in crime, if i say.
Some want to break away from the routine life and start their own ventures but fear make them stumble and uncertain in such a random world where your destiny is governed by a society.
A society that creates its own rules and slap them on your face just to prove that you have lost your significance living a life lacking of comfort and full of deprivation.

One such life was carried forward by a boy named Pankaj. He was twelve, hence a school boy.
He was a usual in the PMPML bus stop at Ravet, a place in the suburb of Pune.
A city which carries more vehicles on its roads than Aamchi Mumbai is well discussed in the

शोर...हर तरफ शोर

बहुत शोर है...
तेरी आवाज़ नहीं सुन पाता
तेरा चेहरा नहीं देख पाता ...दिल दुखता है...दर बदर तर बतर
यादो के कैनवस पर रंगों की कलम नहीं चला पाता
यह रंग भी बेरंग हो चुके है लगता है
लगता है यह रात भी ऐसे ही गुजरने को है.
शोर..हर तरफ शोर

मुझे याद है वो कॉलेज की गलिया
जहा अक्सर तुमसे नज़रे मिल जाती थी
हलचल सी एक मचती थी माथे पे लकीरे तन जाती थी
तुम्हारा वो मुस्कुराके देखना
तिरछी नजरो से घायल कर जाना
आज घायल मन को दवा भी रास ना आती है
मंजिल के सामने होके भी सांसे थम जाती है
बहुत शोर है...हर तरफ हर जगह हर दफा

मुझे याद है वो चोरी छिपे मिलना
हॉस्टल के गलियों से भाग कर तुम्हारे घर की तरफ बढ़ना
दबे दबे पाँव से थमें थमें साँसों तक
तुम्हारा गुजरना भागना चहकना बहकना
यह दरमियाँ आज ठिकाना पूछ बैठी
हमसे तुम्हारा पता पूछ बैठी
लगता है यह शोर तुम्हे दूर लेके चला गया
मेरे सपनो की कायनात को तुम जला बैठी

आज भी मेरे मन के किताब में तुमको मैंने लिखा है
चाहे जितना भी दर्द हो सुकून मुझे तुम में दिखा है
जानता हू मुमकिन नहीं तुमसे दुबारा मिल पाना
पर हा..मेरे मन के अंतर्मन में तुम को ही रखा है
मैं जानता हू यह दुनिय…

Demurring the Dalliance...

Yes I was wrong
in my own perspective
Giving it all up for the ante i had created
once for you and now for myself
Wrong in the correct sense
with ephemeral love of yours
Your glamour made me blind
Blind from within and closed out
Fearing the ultimate opulence will spell its cast on me
I hesitated a lot thinking about us
About you i was null
About me i was dead
Miracles do happen i thought
I collected my conscience and ran
Ran away from you and your feelings
The thorns of the poor little love was hurting
Bleeding my heart blue i came back to you

You held me up like a criminal
A filth surrounded my soul
A hatred anguished with dark desires
You became my nemesis my dear little love
Like a Pyrrhic spoilt-brat
I wandered here and there and where not
Lastly lost you to a silly mistake
An unknown identity faked by the truth and decorated with self pride
My heart stopped and i fell down
I saw my own downfall unto you
Like a feather falling apart the bird unknown about its destiny
Flowing with…

A Book Called 'Relationship'

Yesterday i got a book
A book called 'Relationship'
It was hidden, kept in an old box
Dusting the dirt off my shoulder
I took the book gently into my rough hands

First it felt like a feather...gentle and sober
The title was blue italics and underlined
the author was Anonymous and pseudonymous
Disguised like my feelings to handle the book
I thought would be easy and carefree

It started with an I everytime
I searched for the "You"...oh dear where are you?
I kept turning the pages until i find the "Us"
and that changed my complete perception
A belief that may not be so true

There was the story of a boy
who was stuck somewhere, confused and deterred
who feared the consequences of the beautiful smile
the rosy cheeks, blue marble eyes
The struggle of love and despair

A gentle breeze followed the kite
Blue with Yellow Thread Tied so right
The kite was fearful of the stormy winds
The thread was strong and helped the boy
The boy was happy he won the race

Few p…

Memoire De Toi

Someday.. We both will cross paths again I will say nothing

All i would like to give is a smile and a final goodbye. I will never ask you Never question you Never give any explanation too
You may want to talk You might have some rough memories May be i would like to sit with you for a final lullaby I will never say anything Never utter any bad Never share my memories with a person so untrue
I will honour you for the happy times for the riverside, orchid white desires I will look upto for the crimson hue, lovers two bleeding blue I will never die Never ever try to bother you Never air my thoughts of me and you
Together, we saw us nowhere Nether, ever think of you I promise, i will stand up to Live not Love, without a clue I believed in you and will never do
The path is dry and i can't see you Didn't call for you When i was lost<