Monday, December 18, 2017

My Sky full of Dreams

I wonder how the time stopped between us,
Fast enough expunging memories
Obliterating self and soul together.

I remember the day my eyes met yours,
A slow smile came to your face
Like a robin perches on the branches
I got the moment of your grace.

We shared the dreams together,
We walked down the empty lane
We laughed and we cuddled
We did what we thought was better.

I feel like writing about you...
I write about your stories in my sky full of dreams,
A part of which is you and will always be
I thought no one could replace you
For them it will be less easy
For me it's difficult to see the truth whatever be.

They say it's hard but never too late,
I pray to lord for your happiness
I wish all your dreams come true
Just wish for me wherever you are...
Wherever be our memories.

I will be there with you...
Holding your hands and walking beside you,
My loneliness will make me complete.
A window of ethereal love will open someday
Someday i will get to see you from there.
If seen, don't rush, walk slow, fly me a smile.
I promise i will be there for you,
Wherever you are there i will be flying with you.
With you, yet alone...
In my sky full of dreams,
In my sky full of dreams.