Sunday, October 23, 2011

एक मुलाकात
-प्रसेनजित सरकार 

आज फिर मुलाकात हुई
उनसे और उनकी तन्हाई से
ऐसा लगा की खुशियों की बारिश कर दू
पर रोक लिया
अपने आप को 
बस चुपचाप देखता ही रहा उनकी वही दो आँखे
ऐसा लगा जैसे अभी हँस देगी
पता न था की उनको किस चीज का गम था
सौदागर तो हम ठहरे थे
जो निकल पड़े थे उनसे मिलने
हा मुलाकात हुई पर
कुछ बोल न पाए
ऐसा लगा की ओढ़ दू आँचल उनके सिरहाने
पर रोक लिया
अपने आप को
सामने सफ़ेद कपडे में लिपटी 
अपनी चुदियाँ तोड़ रही थी वोह
बारिश हुई अरमानो की
जिन्होंने धो दिया माथे की सिन्दूर को
ऐसा लगा लाल हो गयी है मेरी दुनिया
बढ़ा दू अपना हाथ उनके चहरे  तक
पर रोक लिया 
आँखे बंद होने लगी
पूरी दुनिया अँधेरी दिखने लगी
सन्नाटा पूरा छा गया
और वोह हमसे चिपक के रोने लगी
धड़कने थम सी गयी
जैसे पहले भी कभी ऐसा हुआ होगा
जब हमने उनको पहली दफा देखा होगा
और आज
आखिरी बार 
वोही ख़ामोशी
वोही हालात
पर इस बार मौत हमारी हुई
और तन्हाई में वोह आंसू बहाने लगी
ऐसा लगा समांलू उनको अपनी बाहों में
पर रोक लिया
अपने आप को
आँखे बन्द हुई और वोह गायब हो गयी
यह मुलाकात बस खत्म हुई
वोह चली गयी
और हम जलते रहे
धुआ धुआ
नामोनिशा मिटता गया
खत्म हुआ यह सिलसिला
पर हां
कल फिर कही उनसे मुलाकात होगी
वोही तन्हाई और वही बात होगी
शायद कल फिर 
एक और मुलाकात होगी

আবার ফিরে আসতে চাই
-প্রসেনজিত সরকার 

তোমারি কথাযে আমার  জীবন চলে
তোমারি পথে আমি চলতে চাই
তোমারি সঙ্গে আমি হারিয়ে যেতে চাই
তোমার জীবনে নিজের জীবন খুজতে চাই

যেমন সকাল হয়ে রাত মুছে
তারার আলয়ে সন্ধে নামে
উজল হয়ে ওঠে পুর সংসার
এমনি জীবনের আশা চাই
তোমার জীবনে নিজের জীবন খুজতে চাই

তুমি জানতে চাও আমার জীবনে কি আছে?
শুধু তোমারি নাম আর তোমার সংসার
চোখ খুলে তমায়ে পাব এমনি ভালবাসা চাই
সুখের আলো আর প্রেমের বাসা চাই
তোমার জীবনে নিজের জীবন খুজতে চাই

কেন দুরে চলে গেলে আমায়ে একলা ছেড়ে
তবু যদি ফিরে চাইতে চাই ওই পুরনো দিনগুলো
তুমি যে আর আসবেনা এর একটা প্রমান চাই
তোমার চোখের জল আর মনের কষ্ট কারতে চাই
তোমার জবনে নিজের জীবন খুজতে চাই
তোমার জীবনে আবার ফিরে আসতে চাই|

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Corner of My State...

Just like any other Sunday i'm back to blogger. i don't know what exactly to write but I've a strong feeling to start my day sharing my experience in where i stay now is Raigarh.

What we learn in Jindal is the Sense of Ownership. If one feels as an owner of the company then certainly he is going to enjoy his work as well as the workplace. and that's why i have a connection with this industrial city of steel & power. Situated in the heart of a lush green river valley,surrounded by cloud capped mountains, yes i'm talking about this very different corner of Chhattisgarh. where one will find dusty roads packed with trucks and a number of chimneys venting smoke. What once was a Princely State in British Era is now the Cultural Capital of Chhattisgarh with its own Kathak Gharana and annual classical music concert Chakradhar Samaroh.Very little people know about this city being famous for its Tasar Silk and Bell Metal Castings(known as Dhokra).

With more than 62 industries that form the backbone of its economy, Jindal Steel & Power is the largest sponge iron plant in world. Just 8 kms away from city, this integrated steel plant provides employment to a large number and has adopted more than 40 villages. one will find the logo of Jindal in each and every corner of the city. Late shri OP Jindal our beloved Babuji made possible the dreams of a millions by his noble thoughts and a strong vision. Known as Karmayogi, he was a fatherly figure to many and a supporting hand to the needy. Mr. Naveen Jindal , CEO of the company is an impressive personality and a sport enthusiastic. it is because of his strong commitment that we Indians have got our right to display our national flag atop of our house and industries. Taking india ahead is the company's motto and improving the life of all stake holders by sustainable industrial development is what makes Jindal unique. and being as a Jindalite i'm living my life king size that's what we call Jindal Way! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let your Heart speak out

Give me Autumn to shed my tears
Give me Night to hide my sorrow
Give me Emptiness to bury my faith
Give me Solitariness to kill my soul...

Didn't i fail to confess my love for you?
Didn't i fail to be the man of your dreams?
Did i promised anything true?
Did i dreamed anything right?

Love me the way i am or
Hate me the way i used to be
Hold me tight the way i want or
Leave me alone the way i did

Let me know if you care for me
Let me know if you can fight for me
Let me know if you can die for me
Coz i don't want to break your heart anymore

I have gone very far from you i know
I have broken your trust i know
I have done injustice to you i know
Let me know if you still love me or not

I wish for your happiness
I wish for your well being
I wish everything you get in life
That i didn't save for you.

Let me speak out my heart one more time dear
I still love you the way you are
But now the meaning of my love has changed
Still i have a place for you in my heart

Let me speak out my heart one more time dear
I still think about you every time
But now my dreams have vanished
Still i want to have you in my mind
Still i want to be the man of your life...


Prasenjit Sarkar, Heartbroken. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down the Memory Lane In Search of Me...

My First Day In College

It was 8th August 2007 ( i very well know at 9 o'lock i wished my friend Prashant on his birthday) when i entered this very place with my Baba. I was new to the city, new to the people, got admission through the second phase of first round of AIEEE counselling that year. Got this institute in Raipur, Chhattisgarh without any branch. Like an ordinary fresher at that time i was supposed to know about the Dress Code for NIT juniors,but sadly i was dressed like a clown. While my Baba was busy looking for the admission process one of the students who really looked like a senior to me caught me on the way and pointing his finger shouted these out- "FUNDE ME AAJANA KAL SE NAHI TOH BAJA DUNGA TERI".( Heavens..I never ever heard this before...what was funda?).Suddenly Baba appeared. The senior smiled and corrected his statement, "oye hero, kal se formals, if you are from Bhilai batch then Stripes and if hosteler then Plain Full Shirt and Black Trousers. No Fancy shoes or belts. Ok? and yes no bike come in cycle if u can. got it bro?" my father complimented him for such a nice advice and was happy! was happening? see...this is how a father feels when he leaves his only child in the college full of beasts!(that was my thinking at that time). Gushh...I never wanted to face that senior again in the college(not even in my life!).

After conforming admission in the Metallurgy Branch i walked a little more to the place where we all were instructed to. Civil Engineering Department Survey Lab. There Professor Mrs. Neela Ingle asked for our introduction. We all introduced ourselves and shared our hobbies and interests. It was a very interactive session. There I first met Rahul Sippy, a guy from Bhilai whose birthday was on 26th July just after mine...
Many Parents were there at the place. To some I got along with RishiRaj and Sourav..both came from West Bengal in same branch. Both searching for accommodation near college campus. At that time we had an acute problem of hostel as the NIT was just a year old and was upgraded from Government College of Engineering & Technology. So many more students but lesser infrastructure to complete our needs. We moved on and my search for a place to stay was going on with my new friends in Raipur. Hmm.....Raipur, the place I could only imagine full of jungles and Red Extremists at that scary but yes I was going to stay over there for a long four years.My neighbours already scared me out that Chhattisgarh is not a safe place to go and I should move to Bangalore, Pune or Delhi for studies or even Jabalpur(from where I belong to) is good. But I decided to move out with a risk that I only could handle at that time. My parents supported me all throughout and yes I never made them feel low. Ma Kali Meri Raksha Karo..with a long breath I carried on. Day One made me really pissed off but yes I was going to be a B.Tech holder, sooner this feeling made my day! After-all something is better than nothing. And I was living with that kind of 'Something' that day.Now I don't repent on my decision. I proved myself right. And the result is out to the world. Thanks to Alma Mater for everything today I am. My friends , My seniors, My teachers and My parents. A Heartful of Thanks.