Thursday, August 23, 2018

A thought for rebuilding a paradise

Rains marked their ultimate trajectory that night.
The perilous sky erupted thunderbolts
destroying countless stars lying below
drowning under the vast sea of aspirations
in god's own country.

The day saw no sunshine,
tragedy, jeopardy, and treachery were the three ultimate friends
or foes as they say,
The mind lost the calm, wandering inside the labyrinth called life
with all doors shut, the soul got no respite
It died a slow death, with a promise to re-born with a hope.

Millions lost their homes built brick by brick cemented with red,
red as in blood, washed away colorless that day.
Empty promises and white lies found no ears that day
A day not so promising, dates were missing this time

A hand came out to search for another
They say, an eye for an eye,
I say let us all be blind, 
Let us not see who we are, where did we come from
The red inside of us is same, there is a heart in every one of us
that beats the same between sixty and a hundred.
A hundred hearts stopped beating that day.
Let humanity survive.

Silence is not Valory.
Let the rains of joy shower on your friends who are in need.
Let us not forget our part of service.
A nation is  'ONE' when we join hands together.
Let's make this God blessed Country a paradise once again.

#WakeUpIndia #KeralaFloods #UnitedWeStandAgainstOdds