Monday, April 30, 2012

Like a Moon Around the Earth

Its quite obvious that what decisions i take 
i take without thinking about the consequences
Many a times i have always thought of getting better and better
and it really did happened.

I do confess
sometimes i have made mistakes and didn't apologize
i have taken some blatant decisions cos of which i repented
but yes the greatest gift i got every time is 

Wherever i went, whenever i needed
I got the right people in my life
Say from misleading adolescence to experiencing maturity
from an easy graduation to a competitive job
every time
i got wonderful peeps and yes
i do feel proud of them
about my past and present relationships and 
an eternal bond with all of them.

Born in Kolkata, Brought up in Nagpur,Shifted to Jabalpur, Graduated from Raipur
First job in Raigarh, Second job in Visakhapatnam, now Transferred to Pune.
I have been to different places, touched cultures and experienced friendship, love and many more.
Every time there was a thrill, 
a fun and an impact that i have gained from and delivered to others.
Being a part of somebody's life is the greatest feeling.
I m enjoying my life to the fullest
What else do i really need?
My Greatest Gift...My Parents
Who are always there with their only child
You know its really sad that you don't have any brother or sister.
But i am blessed with fantastic friends who always make me happy,
take me away from worries and rake me under their umbrella of sugar, spice and adrenaline
Always a strong believer of the Almighty who has shown me the path 
the time when i lost or witnessed a downturn.

I have cried in my nightmares and laughed in my beauties
I still cry in the midnight when i think about someone who once was a part of my life
my throat gets choked and i stop.
I stare through the windows searching for the moon
i get the stars, abundant one
i take the clouds as the blessings in disguise
who pour the rains down on my body every time i spread my arms for a hug
for a kiss to wet the lips and quench my soul

Completed 22 revolutions round the earth like a moon.
A few months and yes one more candle will lit up on my birthday cake.
From that time i pray to God
to make me more strong, more confident and yes
more resistant to negative people and surroundings
As a Universal Donor, i believe in being positive as well as optimistic
Recently done with first experience of Blood donation
and believe me you feel like really hungry than later on  happy.

PS is a not so hard  understandable
he is a little cautious about people around him
once you get his attention you will never be forgotten
and yes the bond will be always for ever and ever.

PS loves you.