Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little About Life...

Many a times we repent on our decisions.
We repent just because we have to.
We close our eyes and run away from our mistakes, knowing that its not just a mistake but a blunder.
We hide ourselves and kill our emotions.
But if you look at the very positive side of life...there is nothing much to say sorry for.
Many of us do mistakes unknowingly...and knowingly we hurt ourselves.
There is always a solution for your problem, however big it is.
Its better to accept your present situation whether in your social or family life and work for best in future.
And its even better to solve your own problem.
If you are good in helping self you are best in helping others...

Remember: A Sea is made up of little drops of water... and serene.
It is the color of sand that adds glory to the beach.