Monday, March 2, 2009

Journey To NIT,Raipur

      After my completion of 12th board....i started giving  off exams for undergraduate courses...though i scored 82% in the CBSE board exmaination i was unaware of my destiny....this happens to all who sit for the very first time in those exams which are known for there Negative marking....IIT-JEE and AIEEE. as my subject was maths science i only gave exams for engineering courses....In my opinion "if your exams go outstanding then you have the right to chose your own branch,,but if not then satisfy with your college" as once  my Coaching instructor Mrs. Thakur(Chemistry) qouted us..." BEGGARS CAN NOT BE CHOOSERS" that time when my result of AIEEE came i was not so happy not so sad all because of a poor dreams of CSE, IT, ECE and MECH all went in vain......but yes "DON'T LOOSE HOPE IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY"....after my counselling in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) bhopal i got a seat in National Institute of Technology Raipur (without branch)....i compromised with the college and soon took my admission...Because it was a Govt. College of Engg. established in 1956 (one of the oldest engg. colleges in india) i showed my interest rather than joining any other college in Jabalpur or Madhya Pradesh.

I got Metallurgy over first time i was less confident over my branch but when i slowly came to know about it i started loving it...all my friends and relatives were questioning me about the selection of such different and unconventional branch but i was sure that i have taken a very good decision. 

i am proud that i nave taken admission in an institute of  National importance as only 20 such institutes are there all over india. with a history more than 50 years....placements the highest in Chhattisgarh more than 90%....783 students took admission from AIEEE last year....12 undergraduate and 6 postgraduate courses....some of the very best faculties from all over India.


April 21,2000

I still remember the day when i entered my CLASS 6- A with a very very big bag and a big big water bottle of MILTON>>>>>......:).......that day i was very very shy because of the girls who were just whispering themselves....ohhhh what a different feeling....ya My classteacher Mrs.Nirmala Joseph introduced me to the class. Preferably:() i got the last bench.....not the first. i still recollect the facts that my first bench partner was IShant.....whose birthday coincidently COLLAPSED with mine...25th july.!
 that day i rejected from myself to play any games....all the boys were planning to play cricket. they all were hopeful that i was NOT good at playing that was my day...hehehe..ehhhmmm,,,,,,never mind...i soon started creating a space in all my classmates , school more mentioning about a guy who met me even before i entered my school and he was Jayadevan... i met him on a book store while purchasing my coursebooks.

Time passed and soon few great friends of mine influenced me a lot...Some of them were Anurag, Divya, Ravikant and Surabhi....these four very  good friends of mine were studying from the earliest in that school. Anurag was the guy whose Maths was GAJAB.....(too gud) he was decent but still very very reserved kinda guy. he was known because of his Handwriting and colourful notebook presentation. Divya was one of the intellectual personalities...very shy and less talkative but yes Competitive. She was very active in xtra curricula as well. Ravikant was the pure from heart guy. his brother was the school topper in the board exams so a lot of teachers knew him very well. Surabhi was the girl who was free,,, emotional and yes well behaved. She was very famous because of her Project Works. Too Gud!

Soon there came a girl called Preeti from a Convent school of Kanpur. After her arrival we got a tough competition in Literature subjects. many girls were found to be jealous of her and she was the very first from our class who got FULL MARKS !!!!! in ENGLISH TEST.

ya how can i forget Aniket???? he was the TUMMY guy After ME!!!!....EATING and GET BEATING was there in the front page of his Encyclopaedia. He was charming....gud in Cricket...dont know much about Football or Kabaddi....never seen him playing these games!!!

and yes after 2 to 3 years i got recognition from the whole school as i Topped for three consecutive years in my section. Soon i got to know more and more aboutb what a true friendship is when you are away from your very old childhood friends....

Sonali Michelle Prashant and Ashish were the next bunch of flowers who really scented my life. Sonali as we called her LG... she was the Sister of all. a very gud sister-cum-friend of mine. She was like a tomboy in those days... Michelle was very dominating and a true leader of our class....i thought her very rude by mistake but she was really a rose from inside....sorry for misunderstanding you for such a long period of time ,,,,, i apologise.....!!

Prashant....the real cooooooooooolllllllllll guy....he was brilliant, superb and really a deserving child of god....he was blessed with his writing and speaking skills....he was a style icon in our class........ he was good in social science and his general knowledge was tooooo gud... a chalta phirta internet!!!!! ohhhh.....great!!

and yes finally arrived Ashish from somewhere that he brought a new dawn to our class....Cheerful,,,,Jolly..... Cracking Jokes and A REAL Funtoosh guy.....we all liked him because of his Great Side of Humour!!! He united our classs and broke all sort of bondages....a real wellwisher and yes supporter of everybody.......

I still cant forget any one out there who directly or indirectly influenced my life .....

Karthik  Sweety  Bhanu  Divita  Sanchita Monika Anuj Asjad Sangeet Karann Manasa.......this tribute is for you allllll///......