Friday, October 10, 2014



"a traditional Indian greeting or gesture of respect, made by bringing the palms together before the face or chest and bowing. " Google says it all.

India believes in giving respect. 
Take another Sanskrit phrase. " Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" which means the world is one family. 
So if i say that i belong from India and the world and its people are my family, i am no less an Indian and very much proud of it.
Today I can be found anywhere. 
You may find me clinging gold in Olympics, celebrating my win in IPL T-20 and cheering for my favourite international soccer team in FIFA Worldcup.
I am here to win the US national spelling bee to Climb a many Mount Everests and to voyage planet Mars in one go.!
I have gone beyond my boundaries all because of one thing and that is yes my Indian-ness.
The world is going Indian and yes i feel proud about it.
From Yoga to Ayurveda, the world is getting "Desi".
I have never imagined the overwhelming love that i will get in return from respecting vivid cultures and traditions that i have come across in my life.
India is known for its high emotional quotient among its citizens. 
The world is fast recognizing our potential and contribution towards the mankind. Both in the political and economic front of view, we have made an impact that the world is still talking.
The time has come when  our National Leader debuts in White House and Madison Square and it makes headlines in all leading dailies published worldwide.
The world is talking about our technological prowess in the field of space research. Bollywood has become a benchmark for entertainment industries that draw millions of people. Our artists,doctors, sports persons,engineers, IT/ITES executives are setting examples and adding stars to our economic glory.The power of Social media is well known to us. Indian business houses like Birlas,Tatas and Ambanis have proved their mettle in international competitions galore. There is a part of India that stays away from the motherland, their contribution towards the economic growth is all known. From Spices to Curries ,the Indian taste has already reached to different parts of the world. In our ancient sacred texts,people are more interested to know what happened in Mahabharata or what does Geeta has in store for us. These texts are the guides of our Indian culture. Our civilization is again rising up from the ashes that once were buried deep inside due to continuous exploitation from time to time. And we have survived. We have conserved our culture, tradition and beliefs in very tough times and this proves our commitment and wholeheartedness to our day to day lives, We Indians are intolerant to all the negative things now and ready to battle all the hurdles and make our dreams come true. To talk about the final picture, we have proved ourselves. That's why the world has come to us knocking the door.
Just watch this beautiful and thought provoking Advertorial from Lufthansa Airlines from Germany that will make you wonder how good it is to feel like an Indian Heart, away from home. Enjoy.

Lufthansa TVC

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Silver Jubilee and Me

25th Birthday. 
Yes i have crossed the Silver lining today. Now i am supposed to be more responsible towards my family, my friends and yes my job for a living. I have spent 2 years of my life in this City with wonderful people. Got humongous support from my affable colleagues despite of a difference of opinion; we all have at some point of time. My wonderful community friends who i really treasure a lot despite their 'hogging' abuses.
I recently joined a great movement called "C.R.Y- Child Rights & You organisation" An NGO working for the cause of little children. This is my first step for a great cause on my 25th.
I stay some 2000 kms away from my family with my friends who also face the same situation. Its been years i have celebrated my birth anniversaries with my family. They are happy folks and yes you can very well understand this from my outlook.

I have my own set of friends, who value me and respect my feelings, decisions and sentiments.
This year i pray to God to bless me more courage to face the odds, make me stronger to face hurdles and deterrents, support me in good ways and well-being of all my near and dear ones.
I wish this year be more productive, growth oriented and positive for my career.
I feel  blessed to be bestowed with all the good things. I have seen many ups and downs each and  every consequence behind the goods and bads.
I never repent about my decision, though i feel to do out of choice.
Well, i am happy. As they say "Happy Birthday PS." and i reply "Thank you."
Thank you God for everything and many more things to come. God Bless Us.
Lets make the world a happy place to live and celebrate our precious lives. Peace. Amen.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let There be Light

Yes, I want myself back. Back from the routine life filled with monotony. I have become credulous, they say. Nay they appreciate my efforts now. My experiments with truth seem futile now. They are compelled to raise their voices. I have given the chance to do so, i admit. Yes i have compromised with the changing situations and with my own meandering outlook. I never retaliated when my dignity was on stake.
So i did what i thought was tough. I regret not being stronger enough to fight back when they were mean.
Reality, they say is hard to digest. Hiding inside the closet is not my choice nor my preference. I respect my decisions and value my thoughts. You can't fool yourself, the world may do so to you. The truth is bitter but will help me in the long run. I may lost my love of life for that. Period.
My Inner child is still  7, loves to laugh. I laugh at my own self, sometimes. When i feel lonely, i laugh. Yes, i have learnt to hide my emotions behind the eyes, masked with a false laughter, mostly.
Half a quarter of my life has passed. There is lot more to lose. Losing is not a big deal these days. Its better to lose your differences and sum up your abilities.
I will cry no more. Standing out like an infantry ready to take command. I will rise high soaring the sky like an old eagle. I will crush your ego like the thunderstorm with heavy rains wiping off your fake smiles.
I will die no more. Laughing out my fears and churning away every difficulty that blocked my way to reach my goal. I will destroy the shackles of hatred and agony  that are the biggest challenges they have offered.
The soul will rise to sign the deal in the heavens demanding justice to my own self.
Let there be light. 
Let there be light.

Friday, January 17, 2014

हा... बहुत याद आओगे.

तुम याद आओगे... फिर से
वही भीगी बर्सात मे
वही चांद्नी रात मे
वही पहली मुलाकात मे

चलो बान्ध के काफिला
चले फिर कहि सिल्सिला
यूही मिलते अगर रहो हम से...

कहे भी तोह हम क्या कहे
रुके भी तोह रुक ना सके
नही जीना अलग हमे तुम से...

तुम याद आओगे... फिर से
किसी बरसो पुरानी रीत मे
कोइ सुरमयी संगीत मे
मेरे प्यार की जीत मे

रहे ना कोइ फासला
मिले हमे येह हौसला
कहे दिल की बात फिर से....

तुम याद आओगे...
हा...बहुत याद आओगे.
Photo Credits: Suprotim Roy
Model: Nitu Mehra