Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let There be Light

Yes, I want myself back. Back from the routine life filled with monotony. I have become credulous, they say. Nay they appreciate my efforts now. My experiments with truth seem futile now. They are compelled to raise their voices. I have given the chance to do so, i admit. Yes i have compromised with the changing situations and with my own meandering outlook. I never retaliated when my dignity was on stake.
So i did what i thought was tough. I regret not being stronger enough to fight back when they were mean.
Reality, they say is hard to digest. Hiding inside the closet is not my choice nor my preference. I respect my decisions and value my thoughts. You can't fool yourself, the world may do so to you. The truth is bitter but will help me in the long run. I may lost my love of life for that. Period.
My Inner child is still  7, loves to laugh. I laugh at my own self, sometimes. When i feel lonely, i laugh. Yes, i have learnt to hide my emotions behind the eyes, masked with a false laughter, mostly.
Half a quarter of my life has passed. There is lot more to lose. Losing is not a big deal these days. Its better to lose your differences and sum up your abilities.
I will cry no more. Standing out like an infantry ready to take command. I will rise high soaring the sky like an old eagle. I will crush your ego like the thunderstorm with heavy rains wiping off your fake smiles.
I will die no more. Laughing out my fears and churning away every difficulty that blocked my way to reach my goal. I will destroy the shackles of hatred and agony  that are the biggest challenges they have offered.
The soul will rise to sign the deal in the heavens demanding justice to my own self.
Let there be light. 
Let there be light.

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