Monday, June 21, 2021


Welcome guys, this post is about the 5 BOOKS that can change your life forever. Yes! It has created magic and wonders that are unimaginable. Check out what 5 books is recommended by SarkarTimes247-

1. IKIGAI: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life 

The #1 Best Seller Book on Amazon in recent times under the topic 'Society and Social Sciences' is worth the read. We have often heard about how work-life balance and sync with nature are essential for survival. This book will take you for a ride on another level. Trust me, you won't regret reading the just 208-paged magic in your hands. Ikigai is an art as well as a science that Japanese people have known since time immemorial. It is a way to live for the greater good. We all must have this book with us and guess what it's available just at a very reasonable price! You will enjoy reading and yes don't forget to implement the advice that this book delivers for reaping the best results. Go get your copy by following the link given below.

My Rating- ( 4/5 Stars)

2. The Secret 

If I tell you that everything that you can desire is possible. How would you react then? Yes, whatever you think you can become is true, your thoughts become your things. There is a single universal force that is always working towards your dreams and aspirations. Great personalities of their times like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Beethoven and Hugo, and others all believed and worked towards this secret recipe that only few have known and applied in their lives for their immense success and popularity. What if you get the secret to health, wealth and happiness? Would you not run for it? Don't waste time and get your copy of this value for money book of a lifetime. Ask, Believe and Achieve.

My Rating- ( 4/5 Stars)

3. The Alchemist

"When you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true", this is the core of the novel wonderfully written by Paulo Coelho in a record two weeks' time. First published in Brazil in the year 1988, the novel became a blockbuster in the world of writing and the author was shot to fame. Dreams do come true and the journey makes it worthwhile. For a magical piece of writing full of unforgettable characters with many layers of emotions, one should definitely read this. Available on Amazon still stocks last. Go get your copy of this 25th Anniversary edition at a very reasonable price only now from the given link below-

My Rating- ( 4.5/5 Stars)

4. Tuesdays with Morrie

Written by the American author Mitch Albom, this memoir was an instant hit becoming a US bestseller when published. The way the author has portrayed the life of an old man Morrie as the central character will make your heart warm with emotions. Life should be meaningful not long. Death is inevitable but what you can change is your present. So take your life as a beautiful present and start making others happy and help them in need. Don't regret later the mishaps that became lost opportunities and wisdom gone in drains. Like the 78-year-old Morrie who never said 'Never' and always worked upon to become a source of inspiration to his students, this book will surely help you rediscover a newer you. Why to wait then? Get your copy right away. Link given below

My Rating- ( 4/5 Stars)

5. The Little Prince

With the recognition of the MOST TRANSLATED BOOK AFTER THE HOLY BIBLE in the world till date, The Little Prince originally published in French draws its inspiration from the great world war that made the author who was also a pilot to write a story about a young prince who is out to explore the world in search of the ultimate truth. This is a book that forms a part of the school curriculum of children in France that teaches them the lessons of life at a very early age. You need to read this book multiple times, first when you are as a child or when you are a teen, second when you are an adult now, and third when you are in your fifties or sixties. Every time you will find a different interpretation. Still fresh and highly recommended by us to all who are finishing this post right now. Guys, please grab your copy from the below link which is available for your good. Thank me later.

My Rating- ( 5/5 Stars)

So which one have you finished reading? Would love to know your reactions soon :)