Sunday, July 27, 2014

Silver Jubilee and Me

25th Birthday. 
Yes i have crossed the Silver lining today. Now i am supposed to be more responsible towards my family, my friends and yes my job for a living. I have spent 2 years of my life in this City with wonderful people. Got humongous support from my affable colleagues despite of a difference of opinion; we all have at some point of time. My wonderful community friends who i really treasure a lot despite their 'hogging' abuses.
I recently joined a great movement called "C.R.Y- Child Rights & You organisation" An NGO working for the cause of little children. This is my first step for a great cause on my 25th.
I stay some 2000 kms away from my family with my friends who also face the same situation. Its been years i have celebrated my birth anniversaries with my family. They are happy folks and yes you can very well understand this from my outlook.

I have my own set of friends, who value me and respect my feelings, decisions and sentiments.
This year i pray to God to bless me more courage to face the odds, make me stronger to face hurdles and deterrents, support me in good ways and well-being of all my near and dear ones.
I wish this year be more productive, growth oriented and positive for my career.
I feel  blessed to be bestowed with all the good things. I have seen many ups and downs each and  every consequence behind the goods and bads.
I never repent about my decision, though i feel to do out of choice.
Well, i am happy. As they say "Happy Birthday PS." and i reply "Thank you."
Thank you God for everything and many more things to come. God Bless Us.
Lets make the world a happy place to live and celebrate our precious lives. Peace. Amen.