Friday, August 25, 2023

The Love of Absence

The absence is nothing but a void 
That wants to be filled with entirety
That wants to stay silent till the hell breaks loose.
The shadows of the past may haunt you for long
The drapes of darkness will fall someday
The mystery may get solved too, but, 
What will remain etched in the memory shall remain forever,
It’s nothing new, was never known too, 
The sacrilege to the heavenly bond will stay strong too, but, 
The only thing that will matter most , the truth, 
Will never be found, will never exist.
It’s the absence of everything that will haunt, 
The presence never shocks nor thrills, it speaks 
The dilemma of a shredded heart, a broken wing, a dying dream.
For the night is the friend of those who sleep, 
Those who don’t, fall prey to grief.
The darkness engulfs the sorrow and promises for light
The light that never shines nor sings, it speaks 
The tale of a sunken heart, a trodden leaf, a fighting mind.
Let all the hell break loose now
Let all the shadows go missing,
Let the memory be profound
Let the heart fly with a dream with hope, existence and mindfulness.
Let there be everyone holding hands together 
Waiting to board the first ship to solve the mystery of a lifetime
Let there be you and I, waiting for our turn to succumb
In this mystery of life and never return.
A life which is full now, nil of voids, full only.
A life less dark, less dreamy, less haunted. 

A life of only you and I.

PS, 25.08.2023