Friday, March 16, 2018

...and I flew away

I touched you, your tormented soul was bleeding
I saw you in pain, silent and disturbed, waiting
for someone you knew very well
Etched into my memories, the time took its turn
and flew in minutes, i flew away from you

Tonight,let the promise in me strive
Let a new amorous me shine all along
out in the open for you and everyone,
Let me fly away to a distant world
where only i shall find my solace and be merry about it

Words fail to find the home that once used to be
a heart full of red crimson sky, a sky full of love
drowning the soul in the slumber of moonlight
remembering each and every piece of togetherness,
I flew away like any other day from you and away from you.

You touched me, like the rays of the morning sun
kissing the droplets spread over the rose buds
Now the world feels like a thunder
waiting to strike as cold as could be.
Colder are the days in summer
when i paint the sky with blue,
blue and blue, no more crimson red sky...
...and i flew away.