Friday, May 22, 2015

My Wandering Solace

This is a departure from my earlier prose...My solace is nothing but a bleeding rose.

Take me in your arms and fly with my soul

Fly away with my miseries
Never return back with an empty promise.
Never promise me an empty heart
This empty heart will always ache
For my wandering solace.
For my meandering soul.
Bleeding roses never tell the truth
As all is red and so is the ruth
Its the clear blue sky spreading the holiness
that takes all stars and tells all truth
Such were the memories of that angelic life
Where we were there with our silence to spare
all i know i wanted your time
your time was less and so less was mine
Nevermind i lost to a broken heart
to my failed promises to my alter ego
Ego was there i accept my faults
I accept i failed to hold you back
I left you somewhere in the middle
For my wandering solace.
For my meandering soul..

Path is there, we both have to walk
Lets fall in love again
Lets do the crazy things one more time
Your time is less and so is mine
Lets not lose this fest of life
Lets start afresh this beautiful talk
Let me lose my solitary soul
to your divine spirit of the vast blue sky
where there is no rose that bleeds so bad
Let me bury my wandering solace
My only meandering soul
For you are there and I am yours
Lets get an end to this common goal.
Only you and I...

...And my final solace.