Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary to My First Blog!!!

yea....6th July 2008 was the day when i joined blogger
now it has completed three years.....
i just want to share my experience with you all what I lost and and what i gained in these three years...

The first year just passed...exams over..results out...what to do? try blogging...
...where to start from? use your memories,
where to pen down my thoughts? hey Blogspot.com! Eureka!
hmmmm....memories never die ...they multiply!
so i started with my childhood memories...the beautiful estate life of Ambajhari, Nagpur.
my wonderful friends and my ecstatic journey of what i call LIFE...!!!
then i moved my thoughts to Jabalpur...a very new place to me....
my school friends and my society friends..i included them all..:)

My blog was the sole inspiration of my famous Get2Gether Events and Any Time Parties...lol

I Reunited all my old friends....they were happy ....even i was a little bit more! :D

We traveled the whole Jabzzz( the trendy name of Jabalpur ),

We tasted in each and every corner of the city,

We wasted every moment to capture and consolidate Memories...Beautiful Memories of Rejoice and Reunions...:)

I learnt from my life never say quit keep moving  
I learnt from my life ever say Yes but Saying No can help you out in some Bizarre cases too..lol
I learnt to learn people,value relationship and cater everyone's thought

Time and Tide wait for none......

Life is a Roller Coaster Ride...tight your seat belts or else you will lost yourself in the Journey of finding Paradise

I turned out to be a philosopher and somewhere sometimes a hypocrite....but nevertheless i was a human who never tasted defeat nor taken life as granted...


I became my self competitor
I defeated myself by winning myself
I supported others and respected their statements
I seldom Argued but always Appealed

Sarkar was growing bigger and bigger from inside enlarging his heart...removing the clutters from his mind

I thank you all my wonderful well wishers and favorite friends who were always there with me in my good and bad days

I thank my parents who let me fly by myself and discover outside world and their tremendous support and blessings

I thank GOD....as he was always there with me teaching me the good things and detoxifying the evil energy