Monday, December 21, 2015

Last Night...

Last night...
she came to my dream
she came to whisper her dream
and make my dream her dream
and her dreams mine

Last night...
i was perplexed
thoughtful with doubts
the whole world was changing
changing my perspective
but i was constant

She told me...
i have a beautiful song for you
filled with love and a little sorrow
love when we sing together
sorrow as if there was no tomorrow

She told me...
I am here to stay
Stay by your side in every step of life
I was happy and smiling with my broken heart
I was happy to see her smile
a little less now

Last night...
I cried a lot
as if there was no tomorrow
there was sorrow and little love
love that was no more 
More was me less was her

Last night...
I was singing
a beautiful song 
that came to my dream
she was smiling in my dream
and i was happy all alone
All alone.

Yes she told me...
Last night
In my dream that never happened to be.
It was a dream.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Longing Forever...

A message popped up on His mobile screen
Surprised and Gloomy eyes,
A night, very silent night
turned out to be a pleasant night

Replied back.
He waited...
"Found your profile interesting. Wanna connect?"

He was happy. The screen was glaring with his big smile.
"Yes, :) "

The smile on his face grew bigger. A happy face.

A coffee shop,
Two cups of cold coffee and one plate of Red Velvet.
A small spoon and two happy hearts
Lots of teasing and laughter
A used napkin and a tip of forty

A Promise with a purpose between the fingers
A Dream shared on the white muslin
A Warmth felt between the two love-struck souls
The arrow left the cupid's bow and hit them hard
the three words were spoken by them
This time with less efforts.
For the very first time

Morning chats, a little to a little bit more
More towards the night
The night was dark and full of moon
A moon full of light shining through the window curtains
Flying in the sky along-with hopes of the two souls

An envelope with a greeting
A bunch of flowers
Violets  and Red Rose
Ready to be embraced by his love
A love meant to be eternal and for ever.
"Happy Birthday Sweetie"

Friends with some foes
A late night party with drinks
Couples everywhere talking and...
Two hearts alone somewhere, disturbed
The night lasted long
Long lasted the war between the tormented souls
The cupid cried, the arrow broken
The muslin was dirty and the curtains burning
Burning with agony and despair

"I am sorry"
"Not your fault, it went its own course"

A sore eye
A half done cigarette
The night is again silent
Sleepless and Disturbed
Questioning and Answering
Battery about to die...

Sleep was taking a ride on His mind
An empty mind
A lonely heart
Ditched and Hurt and Yearning for more
Some more.

A message popped up on His mobile screen
Surprised and Gloomy eyes,
A night, very silent night
turned out to be a pleasant night

Replied back.
He waited...
"Found your profile interesting. Wanna connect?"

He was happy. The screen was glaring with his big smile.
"Yes, :) "

~P S~

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Many Many Times...

After a month i am back on Blogger to write something, something i wanted to.
So here goes another prose from my personal and silly life--

(Pic courtesy- Rohitash Hurla, Place- Sinhagad Fort, Pune)

I thought about the time well spent
Last night like every night
Last day like any other day
I thought about the life well spent..with you.

Those warm hugs and cuddles
Those "only you and me" troubles
That meandering experience of lost and found
That salacious natural heavenly sound

The songs of the little marionette
Singing aloud in the countryside
The winter clouds of southern sky
The hidden truth in every lie

I may be a fool who wants to reason
Why i lost you was not the season
I loved you each time with your new complexes
when "We cant be together" was there everytime

No this is not the time to remorse
Coz This is the body that dies not the soul
My love is alive for you
Will always be alive between the two

So hold me in your arms
Never say goodbye
Coz i will be there with you forever
Like the rising sun and the flowing river.

Yes I still think about you..Many times.


Friday, August 21, 2015

I Have A Dream...

I have a dream
A dream to be a star
A star up above the sky
A sky full of pride
A sky full of hope, love and happiness

I have a dream
A dream to be a kite
A kite full of colors
Sailing wild against the western winds
Flying high in the sultry sunlit sky

I have a dream
A dream to be a stream
Flowing down from the rugged mountains
Shaping the fortune of my own decided path
Helping the beautiful mariner find her way

I have a dream
Giving millions of life a reason to live
A reason to smile
A reason to cherish the beauty of life
A reason to dream
Yes a reason to "Dream"

~~~P.S~~~ with love.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One more time..Just you and me.

Let me Write...One more Time

I may be wrong, i may be not
I may have walked the easy path
for someone close and someone far
I cried a little and smiled a lot.

Destiny was calling for the ultimate throttle
The maniac siren of life gone free
I cant remember the day all hell broke loose
Our journey turned into a long old battle

I lost myself , my dreams got broken
My wings dont flutter, my eyes don't stop.
I found a lonely me, sat with incompleteness
That day my ground was shaken

Now the wind has settled, some leaves turned pale
I got a reason to cherish
Time has come to sing a merry song
Let me fall in love again , let me perish and fail.

Let me write one more time
I will not waste this book of mine
With your empty promises and my failed trials
Just you and me and one more time.
Just you and me and one more time.


Friday, May 22, 2015

My Wandering Solace

This is a departure from my earlier prose...My solace is nothing but a bleeding rose.

Take me in your arms and fly with my soul

Fly away with my miseries
Never return back with an empty promise.
Never promise me an empty heart
This empty heart will always ache
For my wandering solace.
For my meandering soul.
Bleeding roses never tell the truth
As all is red and so is the ruth
Its the clear blue sky spreading the holiness
that takes all stars and tells all truth
Such were the memories of that angelic life
Where we were there with our silence to spare
all i know i wanted your time
your time was less and so less was mine
Nevermind i lost to a broken heart
to my failed promises to my alter ego
Ego was there i accept my faults
I accept i failed to hold you back
I left you somewhere in the middle
For my wandering solace.
For my meandering soul..

Path is there, we both have to walk
Lets fall in love again
Lets do the crazy things one more time
Your time is less and so is mine
Lets not lose this fest of life
Lets start afresh this beautiful talk
Let me lose my solitary soul
to your divine spirit of the vast blue sky
where there is no rose that bleeds so bad
Let me bury my wandering solace
My only meandering soul
For you are there and I am yours
Lets get an end to this common goal.
Only you and I...

...And my final solace.


Friday, March 27, 2015

A Hopeful Lament of My Life

I believe to be an "Imagist". In grief , they say we become more stronger , stronger with the belief that a day will come when all of our miseries will go away. With that little hope, i present to you this simple verse. I " hope" you will enjoy it.


The days were never so cold
The nights were never so sleepless
I hoped for a memory so old
That my inner soul was speechless

From somewhere came a beautiful thought
Where two of us were together
I don't know how i lost my mind
like a bird and a parting feather

I pray for the day
When I will be there to hold you once again
And tell to the world
The musical verse of my only midnight pain

Remember the day, remember the time
When two of us were together
The monsoon sky, the sweet lullaby
Like no where and like never

Time is less, I do apologize
For the thousand lies i offered
I did no good I am doing no better
For those teary eyes that mattered

I promise to self, to bring you back
I will never leave you never
For you are mine and i am yours
This promise is for ever

When two of us are together
For ever and Forever.