Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One more time..Just you and me.

Let me Write...One more Time

I may be wrong, i may be not
I may have walked the easy path
for someone close and someone far
I cried a little and smiled a lot.

Destiny was calling for the ultimate throttle
The maniac siren of life gone free
I cant remember the day all hell broke loose
Our journey turned into a long old battle

I lost myself , my dreams got broken
My wings dont flutter, my eyes don't stop.
I found a lonely me, sat with incompleteness
That day my ground was shaken

Now the wind has settled, some leaves turned pale
I got a reason to cherish
Time has come to sing a merry song
Let me fall in love again , let me perish and fail.

Let me write one more time
I will not waste this book of mine
With your empty promises and my failed trials
Just you and me and one more time.
Just you and me and one more time.


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