Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dreamland Jabalpur

It was 8th April 2000 when i entered this very new was very very new to me....from childhood days i used to hear several facts and info. about this Dreamland.....
......."beware of wild animals,especially the Tendua( leopard) is place of frequent Earthquakes and heavy storms....beware of Thugs and Thieves,they are abundant over there....the people are very abusive and selfcentred.....they dont care for others....and what not!!!
but yes this place when i entered was really very very freaky...full of flora and fauna..insects..snakes and even thieves as i lost my bicycles for two times from my house that proved these points..and morever that very year came the earthquake of 5.6 richter scale strong enough to shiver you from inside! it was a hell like feeling....and about the leopard i didnt see them at all but ya thare are still many wild animals including peafowls, wolves,bats and wild dogs , deers that they do roam around my locality....people in some places are really very abusive...they should behave a lil bit politely....isnt it????

well my first few days when very very boring but soon i got admission in KV! and that very day my joyride was going to start!

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