Sunday, July 6, 2008

PRASENJIT SARKAR welcomes you from his heart


hi to all..i am Prasenjit Sarkar..yet another blogger on this website...i know many of my friends would get a surprise if i become a BLOGGER!!

i recently joined this website...but i was thinking the title of my blog...what to name it..then suddenly i got struck with one of my friends comment while chatting. she gave me the name SARKAR Times 24*7 coz i was too chatty and also was a big big i named it SARKAR Times 24*7...interesting isnt it??? and you will get to know more about me in details....very very soon....keep in touch!!!
life is not what we see, touch.smell,hear or is what we live meaningfully

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raahi0310 said...

Hi PS!!! Glad to have found you and thanks for making it a tad bit bright and brighter with each passing day! ♥️😀😘