Sunday, August 15, 2010


India: In Word and Image

                                    15th August 2010

yes India is celebrating the 64th Independence Day today....64 years of being free...independent from the foreign rule. India has come a very long way...but somewhere the country itself lost its freedom and patriotism.
Where do we all Indians irrespective of religion,caste,language and community stand?
The answer is yet to be discovered.

We all love to express our patriotism whenever 15th August comes but what happens the next day?
We love to wish our friends and colleagues on FACEBOOK, ORKUT and YAHOO MESSENGER
even there are flags and roses made on your text messages that you eagerly wait to get and deliver on this very day!
We all listen to patriotic songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd.Rafi ....
We often watch movies like Border and Gandhi but do we really make this our daily routine?
Why we forget about the great Indian Army and security forces who lost their lives during independence, what about their families?just think about it...
People start playing songs on loudspeakers indicating that we all are celebrating the independence.....
but do we really think about our countrymen who are suffering the pains of prise rise, starvation and acute poverty?
Do they have the money to buy gifts or feed their family on independence day?
I started my day with enjoying masala dosa and jalebies but what about the hungry child who just got some coins...he will go and buy out flags and get some mithais...for him it is his celebration.....
but for us ?

Do we really have that much sincerity towards our nation?Many of you have prepared a song or speech to present in your college or workplace .....
but what after that? do we all follow what we demand for? we start complaining about corruption,caste system, poverty and illiteracy....but what happens when we just end up?
the answer is we forget our responsibility....
there is a saying that ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A was not INDIA

I love my country because i love my people who irrespective of multicultural society celebrate each and every festival with the same zeal and manner. My people negotiate on the basis of caste and religion everyday like the people of Russia and Afghanistan.
My people always follow the tradition of "atithi-devo-bhava" and "satyameva jayate"
All work and eat together and for me this way they all celebrate freedom everyday
Our Constitution is the Largest Written Constitution that gives every single Indian to enjoy

  1. The right to equality
  2. The right to freedom
  3. The right to freedom from exploitation
  4. The right to freedom of religion
  5. Cultural and educational rights
  6. The right to constitutional remedies
  7. The right to Education
64 years have passed but still our majority of the population is youth and definitely India has achieved things very quickly and dynamically
I am proud to be an Indian who enjoys the distinction of living in a country with so many variety of cultures that change every 1 mile...
I am proud to be a part of the world's largest democracy
I am proud to be a part of the world's second most populous country
I am proud to be a part of the world's fourth largest economy
fastest developing nation...emerging world superpower and fastest producer of talents in each and every field
where cricket is a religion and people worship people
where freedom flows in the air and tranquility in the waters

I m a part of that country that once was ruled by the Aryans, Dravidians and Moguls who gave us marvels of architecture like Qutub Minaar and Taj Mahal.
the Mahabharata , Ramayana ,Geeta, Vedas- Upanishads, Guru Grantha Sahib, Jataka Katha, Theravada, Agamas,etc. that enlightened the country with spirituality and purity of minds.
Himalayas, Deserts, Rain forests,Wildlife....INDIA has got everything.

But still we as Indians have many challenges..and the biggest challenge is to fight for internal security...the country is facing the problems like Cross Border Terrorism and Naxal Menace. We should support our Government and get united to fight against all odds and inequalities. Social Issues such as Prise Rise, Unemployment, Roti-Kapda-Makaan, Corruption should be tackled in a joint manner and for this India have to start a Revolution to get Complete Freedom and yes INDEPENDENCE will then only find a correct meaning
lets pledge altogether to


                     PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN


Anonymous said...

It is saddening to see the sudden sprout of 'patriotism' in our barren hearts, on the two occasions : The Independence day and The Republic day. For the remaining days of the year here's what we do : We dirty our country, we misbehave with the tourists who come to see the so called cultural heritage of the country, we detest the constitution, we spoil the public property, we criticize fellow countrymen, we support fanatic causes without even understanding the true motives behind them, we spoil the monuments by carving our names all over it, we do not vote, and the list just goes on you know. In short, all round the year we spare no chance in spoiling the sanctity of Mother India.
But, then when the two big days come, we all are up with the waving tri-colour, wishing everybody, looking back at the great history and partly thanking the dead heroes for their noble deeds. If you really want to celebrate the Nation or its might, just try and make it a better place to live. A little effort by everybody, a small deed of kindness everyday, will give startling results. And a day will finally come, when the heroes will smile from their graves and say, "Yes, that was the India we had dreamed of." Everyday from that day will be an Independence Day and a Republic Day.
Make the world a better place to live. Love, peace and happiness has to be nourished and nurtured. And then, passed on from one generation to the other.

Prasenjit Sarkar said...

many many thanks to your response.
i agree with you and yes our little effort every day can make our country stand out and then we will proudly boast of being INDIANs.