Monday, December 27, 2010

Happiest People on Earth? Indians, of course!

Starting from Happy holidays...Merry X-mas, Happy New Year is not the very end........2011 will be a year to value the most!!

2010: A Year of "HAPPY PEOPLE"
India shares an honest piece of appreciation of being not the happiest country but the country with the most happy people on earth.
The Worlds' Happiest Countries List clearly mentions Scandinavian States of Europe(Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Netherlands,Finland) followed by Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Panama and Brazil. The survey took into account various parameters in study like basic necessities and luxuries,law and order,education,employment opportunities, career growth, corruption, health and family planning, national institutions, environmental ethics, religions and festivals,etc. Indeed these countries are the best in terms of Human Development Index and World Prosperity Index.
But where our country India Stands?
The Answer is here...

  • We are proud to be Indians and we don't want any survey which maligns our country's reputation and prosperity in terms of Corruption, Caste System, Politics, TRP driven Media, Unemployable Graduates, Rural Sanitation, Price Rise and Environment Hazards(many more but then i will end it up somewhere else!)
  • We are proud to have the Largest Written Constitution in the Biggest Democratic country with the Largest Youth Population. The Country which provides Food and Shelter to the Terrorists and Extremists but no security to its Own Citizens.

  • We salute the Armed Forces, Doctors and Teachers who have taken the country to great heights in Defence, Medical, IT and Core Industrial Services. We also respect our Politicians who make us Fight over Mothertongue,Religion, Native Place and Caste System

  • We are proud of  Great Saints like Nanak, Mahavir,Buddha,Paramhansa, Vivekanand, Dayanand, Rahim, Kabir, Mother  Teresa,Sister Nivedita, and Freedom Fighters like Bhagat Singh, Bose, Azad, Tilak, Patel and many others who have taken India to the World. We are also thankful to Notable people in National Parties that have set examples how Indians exploit the Country's Assets and Income to fill their own petty pockets. I congratulate all the upcoming millionaires and billionaires who have really made our CWG, 2G Spectrum, Naxalism and Cross Border Terrorism, Wikileaks Leaks, Price Rise, Corruption in Government Organizations a tremendous success.We will surely follow your footprints to further steal our own country and overload the Foreign Banks.

And finally i am thankful to all the media channels and newspapers who everytime come up with stories like Who Kissed Who, Who Slapped Where and Why, Who Danced Hot, Who Sold Shit,Who Became God and Who Met Aliens. Really Nostalgic!

Yes, We Indians are very much into habit of this. Despite of such Evils in our Society We embrace on Comedy Circus(Remember the Woman who laughs at her best on too much adult jokes? ), Laughter Challenge(That Cricketer turned Politician turned Actor(wow such a varietal personality) who really shows us a 100 reasons to laugh on screen) and Bigg Boss1,2,3 and 4 (public demand)...

(The Participants dont know that the Channel Viewers Laugh on them, so BARE for money!!) and yes these have become our role models. Gone are the days when people start fighting for getting a glimpse of Madhubala or Hema Malini...Janaab abhi toh Munni Badnaam hui aur Charche Sheila Ki Jawaani Ke hai!!!

Happy Holidays!!! May this New Year Bring More and More Happiness to my country(of dreams)...

P.S : There is a lot to think and lot to work. i don't say that writing a blog i can change a nation but yes i only know that i have made an impact to the one who is reading this post now. TY


Anonymous said...

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Shraddha said...

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