Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marry me Sweetie..I Just Met you! :)

Let me ask you something...Why People Marry?
Thanks for giving it a thought for now.
Well, for we humans, marriage is a wonderful stage of our lives.
A stage which is set for a new beginning
It materializes our needs and makes us answerable to our responsibilities.
For me marriage is only a success when there is love.
A love which has no boundaries flowing continuously by turning down all the pebbles just to wet the body and quench the soul.
Lets take it simple...
You are happy in love you decide one day to tie the knot and yes you accidentally land into the table called marriage where your in laws are ready to have you in their lunch. Sounds cool? Nope i suppose.
One day you come to know that you are a father of a newly born baby and your proud wife calls everybody up at home and yes you again land into the same table but this time for a brunch. Got it?
So a love marriage is nothing but spending the rest of life with the a very old and familiar person who you love and will be loving more(i suppose) in your entire lifetime by changing your babies diapers to cooking food for your working class wife to cleaning up the clutter inside your beautiful house. Zeus!!

And an arrange marriage is as simple as taking your in-laws for a long honeymoon trip( ya of course your wife is also in that list isn't it?), emptying your pockets for your wife's sister( if yes she is sexy) and last not the least enjoying the bed tea your beautiful soft-spoken yet not so familiar wife prepares (no matter how much it will taste gruesome but ya you will cherish the day in your entire life!! mind it boy).
I am serious this time.
So in my opinion whatever kind of marriage you support please keep in mind that you are a family now. You have to take care of everybody who are now a part of your lives(including not so social neighbors).Period.

PS: The above is written keeping a Man's Perspective. For a woman please read everything in negative sense. Double Period.

This post is written for http://www.facebook.com/LoveYaArrange. Thanks for reading. God bless.

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Confused Soul said...

Ayee... I actually thought this was simple and sweet! I mean you did bring out both in a very light manner.

All the best :D

You can read my take here- http://perceptionsofaconfusedsoul.blogspot.in/2012/08/love-marriage-ya-arranged-marriage.html