Thursday, March 17, 2016

There is a fire...Burning all alone

There is a fire within me
That helps me to fight for my existence
There is a thunder
That lights my sky of darkness to a sudden surprise
It usurps me, trembles me, terrifies me
Still it incites me to fight with it for my own existence

I never felt the fear to perish in its angst
My own dilapidated soul is searching for the answers
For the questions that are haunting my pasts
And my future
I wonder where lies the secret testimony
of my ever grandeur and majestic faith

I believe for the theories that never will lie
I believe for the powers that never will die
I believe for the destiny that we will achieve someday
For the moments of happiness that together we believe.

Someday i will rise again, i will shot the fame
I will touch the sky and write my name
on the golden pages of the history of mankind
for once i will be the ruler of my own dreams
my own ambitions and purpose of life

There is a fire...still burning inside me...forever and ever.


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