Thursday, August 25, 2016

You are my Sol...I am your morning Sky.

I wake up
Like every morning
With you..your thoughts..your never-ending memories
Etched on my mind like a inkblot spread allover the white
Visible yet not real...not at all.

You whisper in my ears
I fail to listen. i just hear.
I roam around seeking your presence
Your odor your substance...invisible.

Your violin.
You make my heart go pound
What a beautiful enchanting sound!
Your fingers when touch the strings
Sprinkles of love and warmth all around.

Your eyes do the talking
My eyes closed and dry.
No place for your tears. How heartless.
You smile and drink away my pain.

A face so bright like an early morning sky
Red big Sol. Fills up my soul.
your cajoling attire makes me swoon.
Totally enthralled in your limited glory.
Limited cause i don't find you anymore.

Wish i could get you back. May be next life.
A life less painful. A life more with you.
I wish i could be the man you desired
A man less painful. A man more with you.

I promise. I will never go away. Please come back.
I promise. I will never run away. Run away with you. Us together.
For we together are complete.
Just like the Sol and the morning sky. No darkness at all.
Just like the eyes and kohl. Not the tears anymore.
Juts like the violin and the fingers. I will listen not hear.

Your promise is my promise.
Your beauty is my pride.
Your honesty is my valor.
Your music is my soul.

I wake up.
Morning is here to stay. No darkness.
Only you and me.
Shining brightly and together.

Let me dream a little.
Let me die some more.
Let me unite with you.
For you are my Sol and i am your morning sky.


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