Thursday, December 27, 2018

This is Not Real

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Tied to a sallow heart why does he want to bring me where he goes?Oh and to find out the reasons why it's enough to make you wanna try for one last night

With the broken pieces spread here and there, he looked for the mysterious envelope she left for him. Maybe for the very first and last time.
"Oh come on Priya, switch on your phone."
Holding the envelope in his hand, he waited for the time to stop. 

* * *
"What are your greatest fears in life, Krishna?" Priya was curious, as ever.
"You..ahem ahem." Krishna sipping hot coffee at a restaurant.
"Come on, serious talks. Tell me."
"Ummm...the feeling of losing yourself? Like Death?"
"What if I tell you there is life beyond death?"
"Only in your arms Priya"
"Stop being boorish everytime Krishna. I mean it."
"Hey, wait wait wait. Why is that every time you talk about dying and life after death things."
"Who started it first...'the feeling of losing yourself? Like Death'? Super funny."
"Stop doing that, I don't want to lose you. Never!"
"One day... I will be gone forever. What you will do then?
"Are you nuts? Let's change the topic."
"What if I am not Priya and you are not Krishna?"
"Ok, I am leaving now. Bye"
"Wait, come back. Ok, I will just ask you one thing and you have to be very very true this time. No Cheating. Ok?
"Ok. Shoot."
"Is there any other girl in your life?"
"Priya...what bullshit?"
"Tell me, Krishna, is there?"

* * *
Time 9:01 am

Time for office. Krishan gets a call.
"Hey Sandhya, yes yes I am on my way. Just left. See you there in 10 minutes. Yup, Bye."
He takes the envelope and puts it back in his side bag and leaves his house. Puzzled.

Krishna drives his Sedan to Sandhya's residence. Sandhya in her favorite purple floral dress was waiting for him outside. On seeing him, she waves hello. Krishna smiles a little though he couldn't smile more like before.
"Hey, you are late. All fine?" Sandhya curling her side locks with her hands, smiling.
"Hmm. You good? Let's go."
"Father has made all the arrangements. They say, tomorrow morning we will be getting the invitation cards ready. I am so happy for us."
"Yes yes." Krishna was not into the moment today. He was a little disturbed or maybe more.
"How is Mom?"
"She is good too."
"Who else? You said..good too.!"
"Aaah..yes. She is good."
After a drive of 20 minutes, the car reached near the entrance of the office building. Sandhya gets out with a confused face staring at Krishna. 
"Aah, there is an envelope at your backseat!.Hmm..something written like OPEN AT 4 PM. what's this? surprise?"
Krishna totally dumbstruck now. 'How is this possible? Another envelope?' He turns back and finds the little green envelope which he totally missed out while driving the car from his house to her place.
"Aah yes, for my friend. His birthday. I will take care of it. Thanks"
"Ok, see you at lunch. Meet me at the Dario's. We'll have something together for lunch? Sharp at one. Ok?"
"Yes, sure. Bye"

Sandhya winked at him and continued to her office entrance lift.
Krishna moved his car to the parking area. He killed the engine and grabbed the envelope from his backseat. There was a letter 2 on it followed by ' OPEN AT 4 PM'. How the hell it entered the car? He was disturbed. Is that a kind of prank or something? 

Time 10:30 am.
He gets a call. He is still inside his car thinking about the course of events.
"Hello Krishna sir, I am calling from the reception, Swati here."
"Yes Swati, Tell me."
"Someone wants to meet you at the office. He needs an appointment at 4 pm."
"4 pm? Tell him to come after 5. I am busy."
"He says he wants to deliver you an envelope in person."
"An envelope? What kind of envelope? You got his number?"
"He said he will deliver to you in person. Something confidential. He will call again, he said."
"Ok. Confirm him, I will be back by then.
"Done sir." The receptionist hung up.

Krishna took out the first letter and matched the writing with the second envelope.
'What if someone is playing a prank with me? I will teach that fellow a lesson.'
He was going to put his cell phone back to pocket,soon he receives an SMS.

"What If I come back into your life, Krish? Will you still love me?" No number to show.
"Priya? No, it is not possible. She is dead. It is not possible."

Krishna stares at the SMS with the envelopes lying next to his seat as if his past was returning back to him, haunting him. 

He dials Priya's more time.

'Do Not Disturb. Phone is Switched off. Please drop a message after this tone.'

....To be Continued.


#JoDikhtaHainWohSachHotaNahi #JoSachHainWohDikhtaNahi.

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