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The Estranged and the Dead

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Tied to a sallow heart ...Why does he want to bring me where he goes? Oh and to find out the reasons why it's enough to make you wanna try for one last night

Krishna enters hurriedly into his office cabin. The wooden door bears his nameplate- "Krishna Shanmugam, Co-founder". The door closes softly as he enters. Putting himself comfortably in his chair, starting his Mac, he takes out the envelope from his bag- DO NOT OPEN IT TILL 12 IN THE NOON.

It was 10:51 am. Still more than an hour. Curiosity was killing him more than the wait to know about the surprise. As if the envelope was holding a deep secret which he only wanted to know. Maybe something related to Priya. But Priya never wrote a letter to him. Her mobile was untraceable after the incident. He himself saw her jumping off the bridge with her Merc down the creek. But he failed to save her. Only left with the wreckage of her car found a day after he reported to the police.

The memories came flashing back to him. There were rounds of rum, rum, and more rum down his throat every time he shed a tear. Like every time. And every time he saw her face asking questions sitting beside him, "Krishna, why didn't you save me then? I waited so long for you. Why dear, why?" Her face asking questions to Krishna. 

There was a sudden knock on the door, "Sir, there is a person waiting outside, he said you called him for a meeting,  he has an appointment." Swati was affirmative and wanted her boss to confirm. 

"Ya, he must be Mr. Gupta, I remember, please send him inside."
She nodded and entered the guy with a bald head with a long umbrella dressed in monochrome carrying with himself a little briefcase.
"Hello Mr. Krishna, I am Pravesh Gupta...he puts his visiting card forward waiting for Krishna to respond. 
"Ya, hello, shaking hands..please sit."
" I have news for you. The stocks that you have invested in Lubena Chemicals are not performing well. Chances are high that you may book total loss in three months. Its better you exit."
"I know Mr.Gupta..but I don't want to..."

Interrupting him in between the person came a little forward and said with red eyes ' I am meeting you for the very first time you know why? Your father made a deal with me. He is no more and I am really sorry for that but sometimes you have no other option left but just to obey. And so you have to obey. Otherwise, you know where your life is heading. I just came here to warn you for the very last time. Maybe you forgot that accident. But the reality is that it is still haunting you. Isn't it?'

Suddenly Krishna gets back to his consciousness.
"What happened Mr. Krishna? I was just informing you of the present status of your welfare activities."
Suddenly, everything got changed. Krishna felt as if he was dreaming. Mr. Gupta was smiling and he was drenched in sweat.
"What happened to you? I was saying something and you were not paying attention, Mr. Krishna. Is everything alright?"
"Yes, yes...Aaah.. you were saying something about Lubena Chemicals. What's the matter with that?"
"Lubena? That chemical company where your ex-fiance was working? I can understand your pain Mr.Krishna. Losing someone close to your heart in a freak accident can etch you for life. But it's better to move forward after all Sandhya is a nice girl what I feel. Even your father was not happy about your decision of getting married to his rival's daughter.  Mr. Krishna, I was your father's closest aid. I knew him very well. I also know how far he could go to save you from any risk. He did what he thought the best for you. And rest you know better." He stops abruptly and hands him a document. 
"What is that?" Perturbed and shocked over his remarks at this point in time Krishna could have asked this much only.
"Tomorrow is your birthday. Your father asked me to give you this at an appropriate time. I think today is the day you should know what he left for you to decide on your journey. 
Krishna opens the document cover and finds a letter.
"It says about the investments he did and that went sour in time. Lubena Chemicals is nowhere to be seen. It was just on papers and, and..not physically!"
"He lied to you. Yes, Lubena Chemicals didn't exist and so do the multiple accounts that he operated from various sources for getting that loan. He lied only to protect you. So that you can get the funding from investors. Keep this with you. As my days are near and i may not do justice with this old promise anymore."
"What will I tell to Sandhya? She is also a partner in my company! I am getting married to her in next week? Can she bear this truth? No, Mr. Gupta, I don't believe you. My father never lied to me. Tell me these are all lies..."
Mr. Gupta raises and asks for permission to leave without explaining things much.
"Remember one thing, my child. Priya got what she deserved. Don't let the same thing happen to Sandhya. I hope you will get this clearly. See you soon.
Krishna was looking straight into Gupta's eyes as if he can see the whole incident now...

5 mins less than 12 pm.
He approaches towards the envelope- DO NOT OPEN IT TILL 12 IN THE NOON

"Ah, who cares for five minutes." He opens up the envelope and what he finds next definitely was going to change his life forever...

"Sandhya??" he says in shock. His eyes get stoned looking inside the contents. As if his whole face has turned white with fear. 
The strike of the table clock was clear this time. With each and every passing sound of the strike for twelve times that was easy to wake up the sleepiest ones, he saw the twelve polaroid pictures that were sent to him. One by one they were making him look more and more miserable as he could not believe his eyes.
Is there a secret which is being hidden to him for someone's benefit or there is nothing at all.
Who is sending those envelopes and what is his motive. What is the connection between Lubena Chemicals and the accident that Gupta was apprehending? Why Krishna could not believe his eyes when he opened the envelope.

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